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Skirmishing In The Core Worlds | WDB #74


A recent spate of combat missions closer to the Core Worlds has created heightened tensions in the galaxy’s most populated region.

Fighting between the forces of the New Republic and the Galactic Empire was, until recently, confined to small portions of the Galactic east and northeast, centered around the systems of Orinda, Bilbringi and Fondor. In the months following those campaigns, the Empire has seemingly bolstered its defenses in those systems, allowing it to strike out further, from a position of relative strength. This past week, Imperial ships were sighted inside the Coruscant system, most likely to probe New Republic defenses in the system and encourage NR commanders to weaken their defenses elsewhere.

Reports from eyewitnesses in the area and sensor satellites indicate the attack was of limited scope, and losses were fairly light on both sides. There is also conflicting information being released on how the two sides initially came into contact that day.

The New Republic states that it detected an Imperial flight group conducting training exercises in a nearby system and sent a fighter group to investigate. The Imperial group consisted of a single Carrack-class capital vessel (identified as the INV.Ravager), and an escort flight consisting of several interceptors and a single assault shuttle. The Imperial group made the jump into hyperspace without engaging the scout group. The Republic scouts determined, based on the Imperial exit vector, that they were heading to the Coruscant system.

Imperial reports regarding this event neglect to mention any sort of training exercise going on near the Core Worlds, and state only the events as transpired inside the Coruscant system, near one of the New Republic’s naval training facilities. Reports from both sides regarding this stage of the fight appear to roughly agree.

Upon reentering realspace, the Imperial unit was met by a mixed group of New Republic fighters and bombers. The New Republic’s scouts were successful in forewarning Coruscant about the incoming Imperial vessels, costing the Imperial’s the element of surprise.

New Republic fighters provided cover for their bomber units as they made torpedo and strafing runs against the Carrack. The Carrack’s interceptor escorts were successful in fending off some of the attacking ships, though not before the New Republic’s bombers were able to inflict light damage to the vessel.

The attacks continued in several waves until the Carrack successfully jumped away. The New Republic attempted to pursue, but the vessel and its escorts fell off sensors too quickly. Reports regarding the outcome of the incident are in as much disagreement as information on how it began.

The Empire claims it was conducting a deep sensor scan in Coruscant, and upon its completion, exited the system. The New Republic, however, claims that the Carrack retreated after a few successful bombing runs, and turned tail after taking only relatively light damage. Whether either of these claims are true or false, or perhaps are a mixture of both, is anyone’s guess.

When asked why they didn’t deploy one of their own formidable capital vessels in response, the New Republic indicated that they felt the Carrack was no true threat to any planet or installation in the system, and the deployment of heavier ships would have been a waste of resources for such an insignificant incursion into their space.

As always, Galactic News advises readers on both sides of this conflict to take any information coming from your local or government-run news service with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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