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New Keels, Same War. | WDB #66


Imperial and New Republic shipyards are reportedly laying keels for dozens, if not hundreds, of new vessels, suggesting that the recent conflicts near Orinda, Fondor and Bilbringi are perhaps just the beginning of something more serious.

The Battle of Orinda, and the following conflicts at Fondor and Bilbringi, saw large portions of the New Republic Defense Fleet and the Imperial Navy’s forces destroyed, damaged or crippled. Flagships like Lusankya and Reaper limped out of the battles barely able to hold themselves together, while many other large vessels, like the  New Republic carrier Endurance were outright destroyed or damaged beyond repair.

The resulting holes in the fleets of both sides have left neither capable of mounting another offensive, or in the New Republic’s case, a counteroffensive. For the moment, the Empire seems to be solidifying its gains in the region, building stations and mounting patrols, with only light probes into New Republic territory. Meanwhile, the New Republic has been successfully mounting hit-and-fade strikes against Imperial targets and supply trains, slowing their ability to repair and rearm. Yet the lull in major fighting seems destined to end, and sooner rather than later.

Reports gleaned from shipyards at Mon Calamari, Sluis Van, Bilbringi, Fondor, and information regarding sales from the Corellian Engineering Corporation and Kuat Drive Yards indicate a serious uptick in the number of ships being constructed for and/or sold to military organizations.

Indications point to orders for smaller, more task oriented vessels like carriers and frigates on both sides. This suggests an admission on both sides that a need for flexibility and extended range is going to be important in this conflict, as neither side wants to commit larger assets like Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari cruisers to missions of lesser importance.

These type of ships are familiar to New Republic commanders, as fighters and small vessels formed the backbone of the Rebellion, and they were always careful about conserving their vessels. The Empire was more keen to apply overwhelming force to solve its issues during the New Order, but following Palpatine’s death and the numerous conflicts since, Pellaeon can no longer be so careless.

Galactic News urges independent vessels traveling in and around conflict zones to practice caution. The relative calm since the Imperial offensive could soon come to a close as these ships are assembled into fleets and sent out. Though we continue to hope that cooler heads will prevail, it seems inevitable that this conflict is about to erupt again.

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