The Empire Reunifies

Rogue Imperial Warlords Rounded Up and Eliminated [Artist’s Interpretation]

Earlier today, Galactic News received word of internal strife erupting within the borders of the Empire. Sources indicate that Admiral Natasi Daala, former head of the Maw Installation research facility, has taken decisive action against a number of former Imperial officers turned warlord.

Her call for peace talks led no less than thirteen Imperial Warlords to the neutral Tsoss Beacon relay station, located at undisclosed coordinates within the Deep Core. The Admiral left a quote with the Imperial press allowed to witness the event, stating:

I disdain what these puffed-up, self-appointed warlords have inflicted upon our fighting forces. These squabbling children have caused as much damage to the Empire as the pathetic Rebel Alliance.

Daala, along with Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, expressed a deep concern for the future of the Empire and the peoples under its government. By forcing the warlords to face their differences head-on, she hoped to achieve what no Imperial had witnessed since the Battle of Endor: political and military unity.

The initial hours of debate seemed to indicate some glimmer of hope for the former comrades, but just a few hours into the discussion, old rivalries flared. Eyewitness accounts claim that Admirals Teradoc and Harrsk became so enraged with one another that a physical altercation swept through the room.

It was at this point, sources say, that Admiral Daala interceded. All press personnel were escorted from the vicinity of the meeting after she arrived, though one sound byte from Daala was recovered before the area was completely vacated:

I didn’t want to rule. I had no intention of becoming a political leader. …but you have given me no choice. I cannot leave the Empire in the hands of fools like you.

The admiral offered no further explanation for this quote before the doors to the conference room shut. Some members of the press claim to have seen Daala and Pellaon walking into the chamber with environmental masks in-hand, followed by the distinct hiss of a shift in the station’s atmosphere subsystems. No Imperial officials would comment on this particular point.

Many people on location suspect that Daala believed the peace conference would ultimately fail, and planned a more direct solution as a back-up. Again, Imperial officials declined to comment on this speculation. On-site reporters did note that in the hours that followed, not a single vessel belonging to a warlord left the station, lending some credibility to those concerns. Though there is no definitive proof, most suspect the belligerent warlords were subjected to a fatal nerve gas.

Before being escorted back to the press transport, Admiral Pellaeon appeared to make a brief statement to the journalists in attendance, saying only this:

We have struggled and we have fought. Rattled though we were, we are not beaten. We have scrubbed the dirt from our knees and placed our boots back on the ground in unity and defiance.

The Empire stands together.

Hours later, Galactic News received a communique indicating that the various Imperial factions have reorganized into what is now being called the Imperial Remnant. More on this as it develops.


  1. This is some good news, but I hate Daala with a passion! xD

  2. chand_of_chandrilla

    This is what happens when you let pacifists control the senate. We should’ve wiped of the imps when we had the chance. Back to square one for the Republic now.

  3. Gabe Schneider

    Finally the Empire is back on its feet!

  4. Raana Ven

    Good riddence to the lot of them. Let’s hope Daala hasn’t learned from the last time we killed her!

  5. Daelin Proudmoore

    As Admiral Daala has pointed out, it is a disgrace what the Imperial Commanders have done to the Empire.
    But since that has been taken care of, I’m looking forward to bringing the Imperial Fleet back to it’s former glory and strength!
    The Imperial Remnant will soon be feared and respected throughout the Galaxy! We won’t let the Rebel filth get away this time!

  6. Imperial officers are upheld to a standard even in times of doubt. If you do not live up to the expectations or misrepresent the Empire, you will be disciplined. The Empire has nothing further to say on the topic.

  7. Daxel_Sundiver

    I don’t mean to question the orders of my superiors, but the Navy can’t let the Remnant grow any stronger. We have to strike before it’s too late!