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Weekly Devblog #37


Updates to your cruise engines are incoming! If you hate hauling cargo, get ready to have your mind blown! Also this week: stability fixes for the launcher and designing character profile integration for the Control Panel.


Cruise features are being rebuilt from the ground up. This is still very much Work-In-Progress, so what you see here may change, and certain aspects may be added/dropped.

  • Working on implementing a staged-cruise system. A ship in cruise will go progressively faster (to a point) depending on how long they are in cruise, but there will be potential drawbacks to maneuverability and other aspects. This still needs heavy tweaking.
    • Capped the HUD disruption effect that occurs after being hit by a cruise disruptor like a Mag-Pulse.
      • Disruption effects now stack with diminishing returns, trending up to ~15s for fighters and ~40s for capitals.
      • It should now be impossible to get out of cruise disruption no matter what you try.
    • Simplified cruise mechanics:
      • You cannot go to cruise for 15s after firing a weapon.
      • Power generator will begin regeneration at 5s after exiting cruise.
      • Mag-Pulse disrupts cruise for 5s / Ion-Pulse disrupts cruise for 10s (These can stack, however.)

These updates to cruise should help reduce the need for micro-jumping in systems, decrease travel times inside gravity wells, and make trading a more enjoyable and smoother experience in general. There will be challenges and checks with this system, though, so cruising everywhere will not be an option.


Added Patch: Launcher Build 115

  • Added an option to prevent the launcher from automatically closing the game when new updates are available.
  • Created a browser fix so that the launcher should work with better compatibility on 32 bit OSes like Windows XP.
  • Improved exception handling and other small fixes also included in this patch.
    • Please Note: While this patch may solve issues for some people running Windows XP, we still cannot guarantee that the game is compatible with Windows XP and is therefore still unsupported.


Integrated Character Profiles

Character profiles in Freeworlds have always been something of an afterthought meant more for role-playing uses than for any real, practical purpose. However, with FriendlyFire’s new Game CP, there is an opportunity to make profiles not only useful for RP, but also to provide players with an integrated and adaptive way to keep track of their own stats and information, and to find information about other players.

To that end, I’ll be drafting up a basic set of needs and adding/removing things as we go along. This leaves some room for players to add suggestions for this as well. I’ll be creating a corresponding forum thread for this purpose in the near future.

The Basics

These are items that the player can fill out themselves and may have bearing on in-game and text based roleplaying.

  • Profile Picture
  • Name / Species / Planet of Origin / Age / Height / Weight / Eye, Hair Color / Physical Description
  • Occupation / Personal Equipment / Skills
  • Biographical Information

Potential Integrated Features

These include any feature or item that might in some way be connected or related to information taken from the Game CP. Consider them speculative for now.

  • Ship licenses and permits.
  • Access to private messages from other players, groups, admins and faction NPC leaders.
  • Bounties currently on this player.
  • Bounties offered by this player for another’s destruction.
  • Player’s current vessel.
  • Player’s number of kills (Potentially broken down into NPC kills, player kills, split into kills of a certain ship type or class)
  • Numerous other stats.

Player input on this would be extremely helpful. When the discussion thread goes up I will push notifications to our outlets.


Community News

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