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Weekly Devblog #31


In this week’s roundup: Bug crunching, workarounds, updates regarding our Discord server(s) and some potential changes for the development blog!

Also, thank you to everyone for helping us transition from Skype/Teamspeak to Discord. We know having yet another communications program to learn and deal with isn’t what everyone necessarily wanted, but so far the benefits have outweighed the drawbacks. Indeed, as the Discord developers continue their work, the flexible and extensible nature of the program will have some specific benefits for our game. We’ll discuss that more in the text below. On to this week’s development notes:


  • For some time now, players have noted an issue with hyperspace where their ships would randomly explode when exiting a jump. It’s been a bit of a pesky bug as it is hard to reproduce and despite numerous attempts, there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the underlying mechanics. [For more information, refer to this forum thread.]
    • Since the underlying cause is still a mystery, we’re building a workaround to the issue which should be released in the very near future.
      • The workaround will make players temporarily invulnerable until the game has completely moved their ship into the destination system (and possibly for a few seconds after exiting Hyperspace as well).
      • This should address all such instances of random destruction.

Discord Integration

  • Spent a good portion of the week constructing a bot (R2D2) in Discord (thanks to its open API) for our use.
    • By typing !help in the chat window, a user will bring up a menu of possible commands. For instance, we can use the bot to roll dice, create to-do lists, search for and return pertinent links from websites like Wookieepedia (if you need information on Star Wars lore, for example).
    • In the future, the functions of the bot will be expanded to allow faction leaders to recruit members, issue alerts and assist in other managerial functions that were never available in Skype or Teamspeak.


  • Released a patch last week, and play-testing went well.
  • NPC spawns in certain systems are above what we’d consider a healthy amount. Trying to attack an enemy system with swarms of hostile NPCs flitting around your ship doesn’t make for a very easy or tactical approach.
    • For Now: In the next patch, NPC spawns for zones with reported flooding will be toned down to a more normal state.
    • For Later: The AI Director (once it’s been deployed) will eventually handle NPC spawning in systems based on a varying degree of factors (the size and composition of your in-system forces, for instance).
    • This should reduce the pressure for now and make travel through hostile NPC zones less of a nightmare.


  • This week we discussed the possibility of moving the development blog to a midweek (probably Wednesday) release schedule, rather than dropping our updates on Friday afternoons. Here’s our reasoning:
    • The majority of work on the game is done on the weekends due to the varying schedules of our team. That means when I’m writing these blogs, the information is somewhere around 5-6 days old, give or take. Releasing midweek would hopefully keep the finer details of our work more fresh in the mind and easier for me to decipher and turn into these blogs.
    • Fridays are also a typically busy day for many people as weekend plans and other things take precedence. A midweek release might give people more time to actually read and discuss the things we’ve been working on.
  • However, this plan is not set in stone! I write this blog for the benefit of our players, fans, and for the rest of the dev team as a record of our work. So, I’ll open it to the comments: Should we keep the blogs on Fridays, or move it to midweek? 

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