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Patch #49: The “At Least It’s Still Free” Update

Lego-Star-Wars-The-Yoda-Chronicles-Clash-of-the-Skywalkers-alternate-ending-Emperor-Darth-Vader-conga-lineThe development team is happy to announce the release of Patch #49: The “At Least It’s Still Free” Update! (Note: We’ll be naming major patches from here on out.) Quite a lot of new features, changes and fixes to get through, so strap in!

Friendly Fire

Major Additions:

  • Complete hyperspace rebuild.
    • Plotting mechanism is as usual: place a waypoint to the desired exit location, then use the control wheel to plot the jump.
    • Once plotted, a jump vector appears on screen, giving the destination and an estimate of the stability and time left until full stability.
    • Jumping requires shields to be up, throttle to be at 90% or more, and the ship to be correctly aligned.
    • When within 10k of a lane or jump marker, a jump vector automatically appears.
  • Shield punch-through.
    • Every weapon will deal a part of its damage to the hull even while shields are up.
    • Proportion only depends on shield strength, going to zero at 100% shield and full damage at 0%, interpolated non-linearly in-between.
    • Only player weapons deal punch-through.

Fixes / Changes / Minor Additions:

  • Multiple fixes to carriers to make them work with hyperspace.
  • Added new text rendering engine.
  • Improved cube map generation scalability: should be less demanding on low/mid-range hardware, allowing for higher cube sizes.
  • Adjusted bloom appearance.
  • Resolved potential crash with lock-on.
  • Changed global ship handling significantly to largely eliminate sliding regardless of ship speed.
  • Eliminated some underused features such as hashtags, mouse flight unlocking and turret tracking.
  • Profiler now logs draw calls for each section.
  • Updated overlay appearance.
  • Increased hyperspace tunnel difficulty.
  • Increased robustness of dump file and log generation.
  • Fixed bug with star rendering.
  • Added internal version number to top-left debug information.
  • Added Nvidia API support to detect forced anti-aliasing and abort launch if it is found.
  • Fixed various Golan loadouts.
  • Wheel now appears with HUD turned off.
  • Interdiction fields now properly prevent hyperspace jumps and consistently pull ships out of hyperspace prematurely. (80k range, ships pulled out 20k into field, 60k from Interdictor. Works in-system and system-system.)


Major Changes:

  • Fighter Balance Pass — Note: Everything is gonna be hella broke for the first few days.
    • General Balance Notes
    • Snub Fighter – High maneuverability, moderate survivability and firepower. 10s shield recover.
      • -X-Wing
      • -TIE/In Interceptor
      • -TIE/Ln Fighter
    • Advanced Fighter – More powerful fighters, capable of mounting more powerful gun batteries. Shield recovery and regeneration significantly slower than Snub Fighters. 25-30s shield recover.
      • -E-Wing
      • -TIE/d Defender
    • Interceptors – High Speed, fragile as hell. Capable of mounting Blaster-type weapons as well as standard Lasers. Can mount interception weapons. – 5s shield recover.
      • -TIE/ad Avenger(Advanced)
      • -A-Wing
    • Strategic Bombers – Large bayed but vulnerable Bombers. Can mount Siege Ions –
      • -Y-Wing
      • -TIE/sa Bomber
    • Strike Bombers – Small bayed but faster/better protected bombers. Can also mount Siege Ions.
      • -Starwing XG-1 Assault Gunboat
      • -B-Wing (Can mount Blasters on 2 hardpoints, comes pre-equipped with Autoblasters)
    • Patrol Boats are temporarily on the Do Not Fly list pending heavy rework. Assault Shuttles fill their old role.
  • Modular Weapon Types
    • Lasers/Ions
      • Combat Lasers/Ions – Standard weapon fitted to Snub Fighters.
      • Assault Lasers/Ions – Higher damage but less efficient versions of Combat weapons. Mounted by default on Advanced Fighters.
      • Support Laser – Low damage high efficiency laser mounted on Strategic Bomber to further facilitate the use of Siege Ions
      • Siege Ion – Heavy Ion cannon only mountable on Bombers. Highly effective against transports and small to middle sized capitals
    • Blasters
      • Blaster – short range high damage cannon
      • Autoblaster – shorter range high ROF low accuracy defence cannon.
  • NR (General)
    • -Z-95 AF4 removed from usage list, made civilian. Old civilian Z-95 deleted.

Fixes / Changes / Minor Additions:

  • MC90 ranges now fixed.
  • Variable yield weapon resistances. See weaponmoddb.ini for details.
  • MC80 Liberty field of fire tweaked, closer to intent.
  • ACM terminal performance enhanced. Should see more accurate long range shots.
  • Class II Frigate removed from ship list.
  • Immobilizer 418 laser cannon damage buffed and range increased.
  • Lancer Frigate quad laser turret range increased.
  • Engine cruise drains zeroed out across the board pending Trade Ship/Capital Ship re-balance.

Dark Force

Now that hyperspace is a little bit different, we thought it prudent to provide a relatively detailed instruction manual. I’ve drafted one up for player reference:

  • How To Use HS 3.0
    • For custom-set Hyperspace Jumps
      1. Set Your Desired Waypoint (Must be outside gravity wells)
      2. Use mousewheel to initiate hyperspace jump plotting.
      3. Orient your vessel towards the jump point until waypoint is properly highlighted.
      4. Increase your velocity until you are at the required speed. (At least 90% throttle)
      5. Jump.
      6. Follow the hyperspace tunnel closely until you reach your destination point.
    • For Preexisting Hyperspace Jumps
      1. Get within 10k of a given buoy. Jump point will automatically appear.
      2. Increase velocity until you are at the desired speed. (At least 90% throttle)
      3. Jump.
      4. Follow the hyperspace tunnel closely until you reach your destination.
  • Notes:
    • All ships have cooldown timers that are affected by all jumps, even precalc’d jumps.
    • You cannot jump at all without shields.
    • Navigating unstable jumps is much harder than before. Attempt at your own risk.

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  1. CAN’T INSTALL UPDATE! Launcher keeps crashing

  2. [2015-04-26 23:01:13]: Error while receiving data from FLServer: Nie można uzyskać dostępu do usuniętego obiektu.
    Nazwa obiektu: ‘System.Net.Sockets.Socket’.

    To be completely precise

  3. To give even more info full log since launch

    [2015-04-26 23:08:09]: ##############################
    [2015-04-26 23:08:09]: Launcher (Build 113) loading…
    [2015-04-26 23:08:09]: Launcher load complete!
    [2015-04-26 23:08:09]: Checking for updates…
    [2015-04-26 23:08:09]: New Mod Status: Server mod files outdated!
    [2015-04-26 23:08:09]: Checking for new updates…
    [2015-04-26 23:08:09]: Downloading mod config data..
    [2015-04-26 23:08:13]: Downloading servermod config data..
    [2015-04-26 23:08:16]: Applying server mod files…
    [2015-04-26 23:08:16]: Extracting server mod (Build 49) files…
    [2015-04-26 23:08:16]: Error: Could not find package file for server mod (Build 49)!
    [2015-04-26 23:08:16]: Mod Update failed!

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      I emailed you a response earlier, but if you didn’t get it I’ll reiterate what I said here:

      Please follow the forum link here and post your issues in the troubleshooting forum. I’m going to show a developer your issue and see if they can help!

      DarkForce / Community Manager and Lore Development

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