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Weekly Devblog #8

star_wars__the_old_republic_12744705063908Relatively quiet on the development front this week. Nonetheless, our work continues!


  • Made changes to the GameCP last week.
    • Spent some time bug-hunting and bug-fixing.


  • Planning for an eventual economy revamp:
    • This will start with some decisions regarding our unit(s) of measurement.
      • Balancing comes into play after this. Economy will be balanced out based on many different factors. Cargo volumes and transfer rates (time to trade, credit value, unit volume, jump distances and the size of ships and their cargo holds)
  • Working on some model fixing as well. Nothing specific to show off yet.
  • Planning for upping the resolution of textures on some of our older models (including many trade ships).


  • Doing some necessary grunt work for a future update.
  • In addition, conducting independent research on canon cargo values for many of our trade ships.
    • Reasoning for this: Many of our trade vessels are currently under utilized, with players tending towards certain ships because of some imbalances between cargo capacities. Certain ships have too little compared to their ship class or vice versa. This aims to fix that problem and make the pros and cons between certain trade vessels clearer.


  • Planning, note-taking, brainstorming.
  • As mentioned in previous posts, I’d like to run a Players vs. GM RP thread, with a sort of classic adventure setup.
    • My current idea: A retrieval mission gone awry.
      • More specifically, a crime boss or some type of crooked businessman is hiring a crack team of specialists to enter a former job site in a dangerous location. Something of value to him was left there, and he needs skilled people to ensure it returns to him safely.
      • The team would likely consist of players inhabiting the roles of the hired mercenary team. Roles might include anything from soldier or sharpshooter to slicer, medic or thief. Think about classic D&D party roles.
      • How this would work: To keep it simple, we’ll use a modified version of the roleplaying system I worked on for the campaign. In short:
        • Instead of taking two turns and having the GM roll to see whose side wins the turn, each player’s turn will be a roll against the GM, who will in turn roll against them to decide the outcome.
        • Based on the roll, the GM will continue to push the story forward for the players to react to, until the conclusion.

That’s all for this week!

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