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New Republic Crushed Over Orinda

Source: The Essential Guide to Warfare

After months of fighting in the Mid-Rim, a clever trap set by Imperial Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon crushed New Republic forces led by General Wedge Antilles over the planet Orinda. Despite some successful attempts by the New Republic to disable the planet’s defenses, and reported incidents of civil unrest on the surface, Pellaeon’s trap was far too costly for the New Republic to hold its ground.

The New Republic counter-attack in the Mid-Rim was seemingly successful up until the final battle over Orinda. Imperial forces were in retreat, and Antilles’ seemed to have all the momentum necessary to turn back Pellaeon’s advance. However, Imperial forces were far better equipped and prepared for the New Republic than anyone predicted. Even the New Republic’s famed intelligence service was blindsided by the events of the battle.

Pellaeon, having regrouped his main fleet away from Orinda, made way for the system when New Republic advance forces were discovered on the ground attempting to disable planetary defenses. He arrived with only enough time to array his forces around the planet before the Lusankya’s reinforced battle group entered the system.

The two fleets engaged one another in a terrifying display of firepower. Planetary news satellites caught images and video of the battle as it unfolded. Reaper and Lusankya raced into the broadside duel that so many military analysts have been waiting to see since the Mid-Rim battle began. At first, it seemed as if the New Republic would have the upper hand. Reinforcements came in the form of the fleet carrier Endurance, with her entire wing of state-of-the-art New Republic strike fighters.

Yet it seems Pellaeon planned for this eventuality as well. The moment Endurance arrived with her escorts, he sprung his trap. A second Executor-class vessel, Dominion, her battle group and an additional group of six Immobilizer-418 cruisers (hyperspace interdictors) entered the fray and took positions surrounding the New Republic fleet, blocking all their routes for retreat. Dominion was thought to be incomplete and abandoned by the Remnant in the Deep Core, but clearly reports were inaccurate.

Also of note: a third Executor-class Star Dreadnought, Megador, was discovered by New Republic scout craft just before the battle, but it was stationed on the Empire’s eastern flank near the planet Agamar, far from the area of operation. Much like Dominion, it too was thought to be an incomplete vessel abandoned in the Core when Pellaeon consolidated forces.

Dominion immediately set upon the Endurance, who had yet to launch her complement of fighters. After a brief struggle, the New Republic vessel lost shields and suffered pinpoint strikes by a TIE Bomber unit, destroying her engines and setting off a cascade of explosions that engulfed and obliterated the vessel. No escape pods or vessels were launched, and New Republic reports indicate that Endurance was lost with all hands.

With his other battleships beginning to take the brunt of the assault and their paths to retreat blocked, Antilles knew victory was unlikely at best. He directed all remaining forces to attack the nearest Immobilizer cruiser to secure a way out, all the while being hammered by Pellaeon’s emboldened fleet.

Despite significant losses to the fleet and heavy damage to the Lusankya, the New Republic managed to disable (though not destroy) the Immobilizer-418 cruiser Phantom. This opened a hole in the interdiction field and allowed the fleet to escape into New Republic territory.

Given how much was unknown about Pellaeon’s intentions and the makeup of his fleet at the outset of this campaign, analysts are unwilling to speculate as to what will come of this situation. At this time it is unclear if the New Republic will attempt another counter-attack. Our affiliates throughout the NR-held Mid-Rim have seen reinforcements deployed all across the border, but no word on any offensive fleet movements.

As for the New Republic ground forces that landed on Orinda, the New Republic has stated that despite some losses, their troops performed admirably in the face of overwhelming odds, and that the majority were able to escape Orinda as the fleet withdrew. When asked about the possibility of units being left behind, the spokesperson declined to comment.

A question to our readers: Given Orinda’s checkered political history, is it worth it for the New Republic to keep trying to retake the planet? Does the Empire have a claim to the territory?

Check back again for more updates on the turmoil in the Mid-Rim!


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