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Hutts To Blame For Starliner’s Destruction, Says CorSec


Source: Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game – Squadrons Over Corellia

The destruction of the Corell Tours starliner Jewel Of The Stars is still a fresh wound in the minds of Corellians and the greater galactic community, and many parties are still looking for answers as to how and why the tragedy occurred. After an intense investigation, the newly reinstated Corellian Security Force says they have evidence that reveals a Hutt clan to be responsible.

In one of the largest investigations in the organizations history, Corellian Security has found evidence linking the Besadii Hutt Kajidic, lead by Durga Besadii Tai, to the destruction of the Jewel Of The Stars. This morning’s press release went into certain detail regarding the Kajidic’s link to the local Drall pirate group that carried out the attack:

“After the attack, CorSec tracked down the group responsible, known locally on Drall as the Twisted Repulsors, and carried out a raid on their reported base of operations.

Several weapons found on-site were unusual, including a collection of disruptor pistols and slugthrowers. The particular models are made on planets to the galactic east, and all are in common use with mercenary companies within Hutt Space, namely the Ccalras Corporation.

That connection was speculative at best, however, and Ccalras’ involvement in the incident was not made apparent until video of a training exercise was uncovered on a gangmember’s personal computer. The video, time-stamped approximately two months ago, shows known Ccalras officers training the gang in the use of shoulder-mounted rocket systems and handheld weapon discipline. This left us with questions about how these weapons and personnel made it into Corellian space.

A subsequent investigation at a customs base near Selonia provided an answer. It revealed numerous discrepancies in sensor logs, passenger logs, spot checks and random searches over the past several months. A number of vessels with undeclared cargo were also permitted passage without a full inspection. Two of the vessels in question belong to shipping conglomerate Xizor Transport Systems, Inc.

Misconduct in the accounting department was also a factor in the investigation, with several incidents of tariffs only paid in part, or not at all. The customs officer in charge of the facility was not able to provide a satisfactory explanation, and has been placed in custody until all information is available.

Both the Ccalras Corporation and Xizor Transport Systems are known to cooperate and work closely with the Besadii Kajidic. Given that information, the current rate of crime within Corellia, and the evidence recently uncovered, Diktat Horn has placed XTS and Ccalras on No-Fly status within the Corellian Protectorate.

Any vessels bearing Ccalras or XTS markings, or vessels suspected of colluding with either entity will be detained pending further consequences. Citizens with any information regarding their conduct within Corellian space are asked to direct those tips to your local CorSec Office.

We will provide more information as it becomes available. Thank you for your time.”

Following the press release, GNN received reports of a Corellian flotilla entering hyperspace en route to the Tyrius system, the furthest point of the Protectorate. Though the Corellian Militia has provided no explanation, our resident military analysts believe that Corellia intends to blockade the popular hyperroute between Tatooine and Tyrius that so many transports from Hutt Space use.

Though it does little to soothe the pain following the massacre of the Jewel, Corellian citizens are relieved to see that their government is finally taking steps to ensure the safety of its people. The Twisted Repulsor gang is now mostly behind bars and scattered, also providing a modicum of relief for that region of Drall where their attacks were becoming all too familiar.

For now, at least, some hope has been restored to the Corellian Sector.

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