Membership Talks Dissolve, Corellia Outlines Bold Future


Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic

After nearly two months of negotiations, the New Republic membership talks in Corellia have come to an abrupt halt after the sudden Imperial invasion at Orinda. Corellian officials state that the New Republic changed its terms upon learning of the renewed Imperial offensive, and began asking Corellia for more support than it can offer.

Many throughout the Corellian sphere and the New Republic are disheartened by the news, as the talks had taken on a positive air in the last two weeks. Though Diktat Horn expressed some disappointment with the New Republic offer, the government was strongly considering entering into a probationary membership agreement. The deal would have lasted several years and allowed the two powers to more slowly integrate, giving Corellia a chance to evaluate the benefits of rejoining the republic before making a full commitment.

After the official end of round-table discussions, Diktat spokesman Wan Tarlo hosted a question and answer session to help fill in some of the details:

GNN Reporter: “Given the positive tone of the talks over the last few weeks, how is the Diktat reacting to the sudden end to negotiations?”

Tarlo: “Diktat Horn is obviously disappointed that the New Republic could no longer offer more reasonable terms for membership. With their borders under attack, the New Republic began insisting on the contribution of military assets which we simply can’t spare right now. He felt that joining an embattled state like the New Republic at this time would only slow the pace of Corellian recovery. While we remain friendly with the New Republic, following them into a renewed war and committing Corellian resources to it now would be a mistake.”

GNN Reporter: “Is he concerned that the Imperial offensive could spill over into Corellian territory?”

Tarlo: “For the moment, no. All indications suggest the attack is limited to New Republic targets, and our analysts believe the New Republic military will be able to contain the situation.The Diktat’s concerns, as always, pertain to the well-being of Corellia and her neighbors.”

Other questions raised concerns over how Corellia will protect its interests without New Republic support. During the Imperial occupation, Corellia’s standing military was dissolved and absorbed into the Empire’s forces, and Corellian Security was reformed into the ineffective Public Safety Service. Understandably, the public wants to be assured of their safety after such a long period of corruption.

The session ran long, so we’re providing a more condensed version of Tarlo’s talking points. He went on to discuss the ways the larger implications of the failed talks, and how the Diktat is addressing the situation:

  • Owing to a lack of New Republic aid, various systems both in the Corellian sector and beyond have reached out to the coreworld for support, and Diktat Horn is inclined to extend it.
    • In a sweeping proposal, Horn enacted a loose membership and mutual protection agreement with several systems. 
    • Dubbed the Corellian Protectorate, the deal allows Corellia to help these systems with their security, military and economic concerns without allowing the Diktat any say over internal affairs.
    • Gamor, Radnor and Tyrius have already signed the agreement, and other smaller systems are expected to sign in the coming days.

In terms of public safety, Tarlo reiterated what Diktat Horn said just after his appointment to the position:

  • The Public Safety Service has been abolished and Corellian Security is now reinstated as the primary police force of the Corellian Protectorate.
    • A recruitment and training drive will fuel the reopening of many old CorSec precincts, which will extend the reach of the organization throughout the Corellian system.
    • New satellite outposts will be established on planets who have joined the Corellian Protectorate.
    • CorSec is being outfitted with the latest in crime fighting technology, and its fleet of vessels will handle patrols, customs and interdiction throughout the Protectorate.

Concerns over external threats to Corellian authority were answered as well:

  • The Corellian Defense Force has been reinstated as a separate branch of Corellian Security.
    • CDF will be responsible for keeping Corellian borders safe, supporting CorSec operations, and extending Corellian influence beyond the Protectorate should the need arise.

Considering the still-increasing crime and piracy rates, these moves are an absolute necessity, but many believe they’re long overdue. Still, even the Diktat’s most outspoken critics have little to complain about after this display of leadership.

More news on Corellia’s reformation as it becomes available.


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