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New Republic Deploys Forces To Imperial Border


Source: http://unity.swrpgs.net

Recent developments within the Imperial Remnant, and the surprise attack on Yavin has the New Republic fleet on high alert. Chief of State Organa-Solo and the Ruling Council are deploying forces to Ord Mantell and other New Republic planets near the border with the Imperial Remnant.

Intercepted communications and an uptick in Imperial activity along the Entralla Trade Route warned New Republic officials to possible Imperial incursions in the Mid Rim. Thus far, no known Imperial vessel has crossed into New Republic territory, but Organa-Solo is not taking any chances:

“In recent weeks, the Galaxy has once again felt the pain of the Empire’s ceaseless aggression. In Yavin, where my dear brother is training a new generation of Jedi, the Old Republic’s peaceful protectors, the Empire laid siege to his facility – the very place the Rebellion turned the tide against the Empire.

How much longer must this Galaxy suffer the violence and the oppression of that era? The New Republic says: no longer. As we speak, our forces are deploying to the border, ready to counter the next Imperial incursion with all our spirit and tenacity. We will never allow the Empire to oppose us with impunity.”

The fleet, lead by General Wedge Antilles (fmr. Commander NRDF Rogue Squadron) will be participating in war games and training exercises with military units from other New Republic member planets as they patrol the Imperial border.

The New Republic itself is continuing repair and restoration efforts on the galactic capitol, Coruscant. The effects of the Imperial Civil War and the Reborn Emperor crisis left their marks on the world, with the widespread devastation scattering the population and leaving thousand-year old structures lying in ruin. Yet even as the New Republic is rebuilding its core, it is still reaching out to unify the rest of the galaxy under its banner.

Envoys are expected to arrive in Corellia later this week to open membership talks with the now independent sector.

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