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Pellaeon Launches Assault On Orinda


Source: Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game – The Price of Victory (Card: Imperial Starfleet)

Newly promoted Imperial Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon has launched an all-out offensive against the New Republic-held (formerly Imperial) planet Orinda and other worlds along the Entralla Route. Pellaeon says he is willing to stop there if the New Republic respects the Imperial Remnant’s new borders, but Organa-Solo is not interested in Imperial diplomacy.

Lightning raids against other planets along the Entralla Route left Orinda’s planetary defense squadrons woefully unprepared for the arrival of Imperial forces. Hopelessly outnumbered by the Imperial fleet, Orinda surrendered with minimal resistance. Reports indicate light casualties on both sides. New Republic patrol vessels in the area were pursued for some time by the invading fleet, but managed to get away unscathed after recording the location and strength of Imperial forces in the system.

Supreme Commander Pellaeon issued this statement to the New Republic following Orinda’s surrender:

“On this day, the Empire welcomes our brothers and sisters on Orinda back into the fold. This majestic world was once home to the Imperial Ruling Council, and for several years was the seat of our government. The New Republic’s illegal occupation of this world is now ended, and the good Imperial citizens of Orinda are once again protected by our might.

Should the New Republic respect our borders, I vow that no further offensive action will be taken on our part.”

Imperial forces have struck as far as Lonnaw and are now fortifying positions in anticipation of the New Republic response.

Orinda Area

Tensions have been mounting in the area over the last several months, with reports of Imperial military moves towards the border systems prompting the New Republic to reinforce its holdings near Ord Mantell. Sources for Galactic News Network have also pointed to a massive increase in Imperial military hardware in the Braxant sector, which they believe Pellaeon retrieved from Imperial holdings in the Deep Core following Daala’s resignation. If this proves true, the New Republic could be facing an Empire with more offensive capability than even during Grand Admiral Thrawn’s campaign in 9 ABY.

Chief of State Organa-Solo has indicated her disgust with Imperial aggression, and information coming from her office suggests that the New Republic is preparing a counter-offensive at this very moment. Her military advisers are pushing for the use of the captured Super Star Destroyer Lusankya in their response, but some in the military feel that it could send the wrong message to member-states.

General Wedge Antilles is currently in command of the forces at Ord Mantell, and is expected to lead the attack once the orders come down.

Galactic News will have more coverage on the Orinda Offensive as information is made available.




  1. Some Corellian

    Are we really supposed to believe the Empire would back down from a fight with the Republic? pssh

  2. evgenidb

    Spelling mistake detected: The Thrawn Campaign is 9 ABY, not 8 ABY.

    • Staff Writers

      Noted and corrected. Thanks!

  3. Asara Ven

    The Lusankya…I know it’s the most powerfull ship we’ve got, but I sure hope I never get assigned there. I used to live in the part of Coruscant that got destroyed when that **** Isard ran away in it. That said, get that ship out there and kick those Imps back to the Outer Rim. I should probably start packing my gear…