Tense Membership Talks In Corellia

Source: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (comic)

For the last several weeks, a special New Republic delegation in Corellia has been conducting negotiations to bring the former Old Republic member world back into the fold. While many Corellians support the push for membership, recent developments within the Corellian sphere of influence are shaking up what many thought would be a smooth transition.

Following the recent Imperial withdrawal from Corellian space and the election of Rostek Horn to the office of Diktat, the New Republic’s eagerness to offer membership to Corellia has captivated the galaxy’s major media outlets. For the New Republic, a reunion with Corellia represents a major step towards rebuilding trust and cooperation within the Core. It is also a symbol for the countless Corellians who fled their home world to join the Rebellion more than a decade ago.

Corellia’s current and most pressing concern is its national security. Despite the general unease the Corellians felt under the control of the Empire, the military presence afforded the sector with a certain degree of protection from piracy and foreign threats. Since the withdrawal Corellia and her neighbors have seen a sharp increase in piracy, crime and illegal trade.

Analysts suggest that the feeling of protection may have been purely psychological, however, and that the crime problem existed well before the Empire left: it was simply well hidden by the Imperial media machine.

“One has only to look at the late Imperial Moff Fliry Vorru to see how crime has been a problem within Corellian borders for longer than just the last few years. The Empire has a history of turning a blind eye to illegal activities when those activities benefit them in some way. The ineffectiveness of the Public Safety Service and the specter of Imperial protection are just symptoms of that problem.”

-Professor Finn Rellum, Coronet University

Left with very little in the way of military and security forces, Diktat Horn reached out to the New Republic in hopes they’d be able to provide real military and economic assistance. So far, the negotiations have made little headway.

The main issue stems from the requirements of New Republic membership. The New Republic provides for the defense of its worlds, but to do so requires a large navy. To compensate, they ask new member states (with some exceptions) to commit forces to a sector defense fleet. The New Republic would also potentially be taking volunteers into its armed forces and other services, which would take away from Corellia’s own talent pool. Membership could also have an impact on the output of Corellia’s shipyards – something Diktat Horn is wary of considering his pledge to rebuild the Corellian military and security divisions.

Corellia’s stance is that though they are strongly considering agreeing to the New Republic’s terms, their implementation would need to be delayed until Corellia’s situation is stabilized. With the New Republic facing a mounting threat from the Empire, they can only offer very little in terms of support, namely in the form of consultants and trainers, some economic support and a handful of refurbished customs vessels.

The Diktat believes that for the moment, the drawbacks of this deal outweigh the benefits. Getting involved in the New Republic’s conflicts right now could be more damaging in the long run for Corellia than handling its problems alone. Though the talks are expected to continue for another two weeks, the language coming from the Corellian leadership suggests strong disappointment with the New Republic offer. Diktat Spokesman Wan Tarlo stated:

“Mr. Horn strongly disagrees with the terms the New Republic has put forward. We reached out to them for assistance, and they essentially came back and said that they need us more than we need them, which, if you look at the incidents we’ve been having in our sector, is extremely disingenuous. We’re not interested in fighting the New Republic’s war unless they’re willing to give the Corellian Sector the focus that it deserves.”

A final decision will be made in the coming weeks, but for now it seems that Corellia, as ever, will go it alone.

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