Corellia Appoints Rostek Horn As Diktat

Coronet City, Corellia

After months of deliberation, increased political pressure over the security crisis and the recent withdrawal of Daclif Gallamby from the position of Diktat, the Corellian government has elected former Director of Corellian Security, Rostek Horn, to become their new head of state.

Horn’s appointment could not have come at a more opportune time, as the Corellian people face a sector that has become increasingly hostile to legitimate trade and is rife with piracy and attacks on civilian vessels. In an uncanny display of mutual support and bipartisanship, representatives from all planets in the Corellian Sector came together in Coronet to vet possible candidates for the office, and within only days a unanimous vote was cast for Horn.

His history of strong leadership as Director of Corellian Security was the deciding factor in what many Corellians are appropriately labeling the “Crisis Election.” Daclif Gallamby dissolved the Corellian Security Force early on in his career, replacing it with the ineffective Public Safety Service [PSS], which most now view as nothing more than a scapegoat organization for the equally ineffective Imperial security presence within the sector.

Wan Tarlo, spokesperson for the Office of the Diktat, explained the conference’s decision in greater detail:

“We now fight an enemy without a face, clear goals, or even a centralized leadership. They infect our tradelanes, frighten our citizens and push drugs and weapons onto our streets. Under our former leadership, we were powerless to stop it because the credits stopped at the Empire. Diktat Horn is someone who knows how to root criminals out and eradicate them. He knows what resources we need and how to apply them. Gallamby and the PSS only knew how to follow orders. Horn knows how to give them. That’s the kind of person Corellia needs, and that’s the person we elected.”

Rostek Horn is described by many as a humble man, with concern for little else beyond doing what is right and just, and tending to his noteworthy work as a horticulturalist. Shortly after his election Horn released a statement confirming his acceptance of office:

“Let this be a message not just to Corellians and our brothers and sisters in this sector, but to the galaxy as a whole. Just as I swore a solemn oath so many years ago to uphold the peace and justice of this ancient and sovereign state, so too do I today. My duty is clear: to undo the sins visited upon us by terrorism, piracy and illegal trade, and to defend this sector from aggressors great and small.”

Later on in the release, he addressed his specific plans for increasing the sector’s security:

“My first act will be to eliminate the PSS and officially reinstate the Corellian Security Force as the primary police of the Corellian Sector. Furthermore, I will be working closely with my fellow planetary leaders to create a unified Corellian Defense Force to protect us beyond our borders.”

Polls from around the sector indicate that the majority believes Horn’s plans are bold, but necessary in light of recent events. Horn is not without his critics, however: a few vocal dissenters have suggested this buildup of police and military power is proof that Horn is nothing but a warmonger looking to seek revenge on the Empire.

Some traditionalists have already petitioned the Diktat to join the New Republic immediately, in keeping with Corellia’s historic membership in the Galactic Republic. Analysts believe his family ties to grandson and New Republic hero Corran Horn [Starfighter pilot, NRDF Rogue Squadron] would ease such a transition, though Horn has made no statement regarding the New Republic as yet.

Feelings from the general public indicate that Corellians just want to feel safe again, and for now that’s what Horn is offering.


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