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Pellaeon Supplants Daala After Failed Yavin Campaign


Imperial Supreme Commander Natasi Daala’s ambitious plans for the Empire have been both boon and bane for the reunified state, with her recent defeat at Yavin IV forcing her resignation from leadership. Gilad Pellaeon was quickly appointed to the position.

Her resignation comes after a brief but productive stint as the Empire’s de facto head of state. After a tense but successful attempt to bring Imperial forces under a single flag, Natasi Daala began instituting serious changes within the military and Imperial society in general. In summary:

  • She lifted a decades-long ban against women and non-humans serving in the military as part of an overall rehabilitation of the Imperial image: one much needed after Palpatine’s xenophobia and male-centric policies.
  • A massive recruitment program and an overhaul of the benefits to service members and their families led to the the biggest increase in Imperial personnel since just before the Battle of Endor,
  • Shipbuilding contracts for nationalized companies and third-party suppliers have increased threefold under Daala’s command.

Critics within the Empire have praised her moves, while the New Republic brushed these claims aside as propaganda. Independent investigation conducted by the Galactic News Network has found more than enough evidence to corroborate these claims, however, which suggests the New Republic may be trying to quell public fear about the Imperial resurgence.

Daala put her ambition to the test this past week as Imperial aggression once again reared its spear shaped head. In retribution for the loss of the Maw Installation, her personal flotilla of Star Destroyers and the defeat of the Reborn Emperor, Daala, along with Vice Admiral Pellaeon, set out to destroy the Jedi Knights and their facility on Yavin IV.

They first raided the planet Khomm while searching for a pair of Jedi Knights, leaving for the Yavin system after a short but devastating bombardment. Arriving unopposed, waves of assault troops were held off in [judging by the evident debris and destruction] vicious individual battles by the Jedi until the arrival of a New Republic task force. Despite her numerical advantage, Daala was not prepared for the talent and ingenuity of the Jedi, who used their otherworldly powers to confuse, disrupt and sabotage the invading Imperials.

Most damning perhaps is the destruction of Daala’s flagship, the Star Dreadnought Knight Hammer. The vessel met its end at the hands of a stolen TIE Bomber, which managed to unleash its payload into the engine system and destroy the Knight Hammer from within. Though Daala escaped and was recovered, Imperial forces retreated under pressure from the New Republic.

Upon her return to Imperial space, Daala immediately resigned her commission and released the following statement:

“In light of recent events, I am handing the title of Supreme Commander to the good and honorable Gilad Pellaeon: the late Grand Admiral Thrawn’s second-in-command and a brilliant military commander in his own right.

I live to serve the Empire, and will continue to do so, but certain setbacks have made it apparent that my talents are needed elsewhere.”

A report later surfaced that Daala was transferred to a top position within the Empire’s Research and Development Division; an appropriate decision, given her past as the commander of the Maw Installation. Meanwhile, Pellaeon has been quiet since the change, but he has the Moff Council’s tacit approval, and all indications point to the continuation of the Imperial military buildup.


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