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Jedi Praxeum Resumes Operation

The recently established Jedi training facility on Yavin IV resumed operations this month after overcoming a series of supernatural incidents that Master Luke Skywalker attributes to the spirit of long dead Sith Lord Exar Kun. Despite the death of an apprentice, the corruption of another and his own incapacitation, Skywalker still believes the Praxeum can and must be a success. To that end he stated:

“For thousands of years, the Jedi protected the Republic from the forces darkness, in whatever form they took. When the Emperor had the Jedi eradicated, evil was unchecked and spread like wildfire. In the two decades before the Rebellion, trillions of people were oppressed, enslaved, subjugated, all through the will of one man. If we want to live in a different galaxy, we have to act. Evil men, evil spirits, it matters not. We must act.”

Though many throughout the New Republic and the rest of the galaxy find this argument compelling, many more are concerned about inviting Force-users back onto the galactic stage. The tragedy at the Imperial training facility on Carida was caused by Kyp Durron, a Jedi apprentice of Skywalker’s. While the Jedi claim the young man was possessed by the spirit of Kun, and is therefore not to blame for his actions, others have condemned Durron as a mass murderer and believe he should be tried for his crimes.

Of course, the court of public opinion has less sway over the Yavin IV facility than the New Republic, so the galaxy will have to settle for a governmental inquiry and a promise from Skywalker that Durron is embarking on a long journey of atonement, even if his actions weren’t of his own volition. Critics suggest Skywalker is being shown lenience and favoritism due to his biological sister, Leia Organa-Solo’s position in government, and also because of his numerous acts of heroism as a member of the Rebellion.

Though Skywalker says he is humbled by recent events, he believes the Jedi are needed now, more than ever, to confront resurgences of the great evil in the galaxy. As such, the training continues for now, and so too does the search for Force-sensitive individuals. The Jedi may always be faced with skeptics, but considering the actions of Palpatine and his many minions, he thinks the galaxy may finally be ready to accept  a group dedicated to its protection once again.

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