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Coruscant System Redesign | WDB #118

Greetings and welcome to another edition of the Freeworlds: Tides of War development blog. This week we’re looking at the complete system redesign of Coruscant!

Development Updates

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who saw, responded to and tried the mod out since our big ModDB post a couple weeks ago. We’ve had a great time getting new people acquainted with the game and showing off some of the major upgrades made to the engine and gameplay since the last big ModDB post.

Today we’re getting back to talking about more specific development topics. One of the major projects we currently have underway is a complete star system overhaul.

Our original design choice for creating our universe of systems was to create a good number of recognizable Star Wars locations and keep them as close to the Expanded Universe canon as possible. Usually, that meant adding all well-known planets and stations from a given system and calling it a day without creating any true focal points. This often resulted in systems that were overly spread-out and lacking in character.

Our new design methodology is headed up by developer Kalis, and the idea is to center systems around a small number of focal areas in order to concentrate our areas of action. We discussed this a while back in relation to the Imperial capital, Bastion. Today we look at the New Republic seat of power, Corsucant (or Triple Zero).

This is the new Coruscant navigational map. Being the crossroads system that it is, one can see that Coruscant still has several points of interest, though the planet itself is still the most prominent.

Jumps to Kuat, Kashyyyk and Borleias all exist on the outskirts of the system, near the outlying planets, and all three jump points leave inbound players on a path directly to Coruscant where they can continue their business on an enormous variety of stations, docks and skyhooks.

The planets themselves have been scaled up considerably to more accurately reflect their scale. Even a mighty Imperial Star Destroyer will look small next to the bright lights of Coruscant.

The system is currently available for all players to explore, but we do have a number of screens to show you as well:

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The next system up for redesign is the gateway coreworld of Borleias, in the Pyria system!

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