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Close Encounters Of The Conflict Kind | WDB #116

A significant update to the conflicts system has been released. Read on for patch notes and more details!

Development Updates

Approximately two months ago, in Mid-May, we released an early version of the conflict system, finally providing players a larger AI challenge than the standard fighter-oriented bar missions.

Upon entering hostile areas, players are now faced with challenges appropriate to their ship’s size and class. Groups of players likewise face a mix of threats that should roughly match the strength of their own group. Originally, the prize for successfully defeating the enemy fleet was a full hull repair, to offset the often high-cost of fixing a heavily damaged vessel.

However, after observing how the system reacts to players, a number of tweaks have been made (see patch notes below), and rather than a full repair, each ship that is successfully destroyed pays a bounty to any player that damaged the vessel. This bounty is proportional to how much damage a player personally does to a ship. So, a player who deals 50% of the damage to a ship will receive 50% of the bounty. Again, more details on this are in the patch notes.

This opens up a new avenue for players who like to fight their way to the top of the ship food-chain. Rather than having to conduct long, often tedious trade routes or grind out anti-fighter missions for cash, there’s a solid mix of vessels to go up against. A well-organized fleet will find the enemy flotillas are indeed, quite operational.

Patch 101 – Long Overdue

Kalis’s Log

  • Fixed NPCs being able to fire fixed missiles backward.
  • Ship encounters rebalanced slightly, battlecruisers are now worth ⅔ of a battleship rather than ½ a battleship.
  • TIE/sa health dropped to 6k, maneuverability buffed.
  • Lowered escort laser energy consumption, allowing longer sustained bursts.
  • Bastion System completely redesigned with four major areas:
    • The Gateway holds the only way in and out of the system that is free of mines, it is heavily guarded and consists of a narrow corridor that has been cleared through the minefield.
    • Bastion itself has been scaled up according to our new standards, the stations have been moved into a closer orbit.
    • Sartinaynian Prime has been renamed Sartinaynian II and its moon IIa since they hold the second orbital position around the star, both have been scaled up as well and IIa moved to a closer orbit for eye candy reasons.
    • Imperial Headquarters, Sector Control, and the Repair Yards have been moved into their own station cluster in between Bastion and Sartinaynian II and are linked with both by trade lanes.
    • Star’s gravity well has been increased in size to envelope most of the system, restricting any jumps to hyperspace to trade-lanes.

FriendlyFire’s Log

  • Conflicts update:
    • NPCs should be more mobile and active.
    • Formations should be less rigid.
    • AI now varies according to ship class and purpose.
    • NPC accuracy lowered across the board.
    • NPC fleets are now less likely to spawn ships larger than the player.
    • Successfully defeating a fleet no longer repairs the player’s ship.
    • Added a kill bounty on all ships within a fleet equal to 25% of the ship’s value (with exceptions) which scales according to the damage contribution of each player (e.g. dealing 50% of the total damage on the ship will award you with 50% of the ship’s bounty)
  • Carriers no longer consume one respawn from every stack of ship respawns of the same type when a player respawns.

Some additional modifications to the conflicts system were also added earlier today:

  • Ambient starfighter spawns removed.
  • Small amounts of corvettes can spawn against cruisers to round out the opposing fleet.
  • Lowered the number of starfighters that will spawn to counter a patrol boat.
  • Increased number of patrol boats that will spawn versus a starfighter to 2 from 1.
  • Shuttles that spawn to combat a starfighter should now have a small fighter escort instead of being alone.
  • Max difference from average zone difficulty changed from 25% to 10%
  • Average easy zone strength bumped to 80% from 75%
  • Average moderate zone strength dropped to 120% from 125%

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