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The Bastion Makeover | WDB #115

Today we’re showing off some of the work being done to upgrade and revamp the game’s star systems! More specifically: the Imperial seat of power, Bastion.

Development Updates

System Redesign

One thing we spend comparatively little time talking about on the development blog is the actual game environment and its importance to the player experience. On the one hand, the outer space setting can seem fairly ubiquitous. Once you’ve seen one starscape and a handful of planets, you’ve seen them all, no?

Well, we’d like to think not. Even though space is mostly big and empty, it doesn’t need to feel big and empty. In fact, Star Was has always been such a great setting precisely because its space looks and feels lived in. There’s history everywhere you look, and the spaces around planets, moons, and stations are bustling with activity. Being a Star Wars game/mod, we want to translate that feeling into our environment as much as possible.

Our current system designs present the player with areas that, though they have a great number of objects to see and places to go, there’s an awful lot of empty space in between with absolute nothingness. Two people could easily be flying through the same system and not see one another on sensors simply due to the sheer scale of things. To remedy that, we’ve taken a brand new approach to designing systems.

Rather than recreating famous systems from Star Wars and packing them with as much expanded universe (or Legend’s) content as possible, we’re scaling the systems down to their most important focal points and drawing the player towards them. Systems will be smaller, planets will appear much Though systems will technically be smaller, planets will be much bigger, and activity in the upper orbit of a planet will be greatly increased. This will serve to bring players into closer proximity of each other, create some natural chokepoints for travel, and provide more vivid backdrops for that hot, steamy space action.

Bastion is among the first of the systems to get this treatment, and we’ve got plenty of images for you!

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Coruscant is next on the list to get a makeover, so check back in the (hopefully) near future for more details!

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