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Compressed Roleplaying Adventure Manual (CRAM)| WDB #114

Today we’re talking about the single-page RPG system called CRAM and how we’ll be working that into community roleplaying events on Discord, as well as an update regarding the blog itself

Development Updates

Blog Frequency

Since we began the weekly development blog, we’ve been fairly consistent about bringing news and new updates to you every week, with the odd week off here and there to account for holidays and vacations.

For the time being, mostly due to some schedule changes on my (DarkForce’s) part, and also the amount of new content we can talk about on a regular basis, we’ll be slowing the frequency of development blogs to bi-weekly. We’ll still call it the Weekly Development Blog, if only for nostalgia’s sake, but it’ll only be twice-a-month as opposed to four times.

I intend to put the extra time not writing up the blog to good use. My hope is to spend that time developing in-universe stories and reinvigorate the roleplaying aspect of the community.

Which brings me to our next item…

Compressed Roleplaying Adventure Manual (CRAM)

A few weeks ago, FriendlyFire brought to our attention a single-page, rather straightforward pen-and-paper roleplaying system dubbed the Compressed Roleplaying Adventure Manual, or CRAM. We’ve long been on the lookout for a system that could be adapted for our use that has a great deal of flexibility while remaining lightweight and easy to understand, compared to more traditional roleplaying systems.

CRAM – This will link you to the single-page .pdf that describes the entirety of the system.

Additionally, Dart, or Ostie de Tabarnak de Dart, as he’s known today, was kind enough to unpack the rulesheet into a Google Doc that has a series of simple examples explaining how the game systems work.

Perhaps most importantly, however, Dart is also working on integrating this system directly into our Discord server. Though it’s still in the prototype phase, the integration will allow for character creation, stat tracking, dice rolling and a number of other functions that will take a bit of pressure off players and the GM as far as keeping track of all those ever-important digits.

As far as how we’ll be using CRAM, that’s really up to the community at large. It has the potential to be used for any number of adventures. Quick, combat oriented sessions could be a weekly occurrence and long-form games could play out over time.

The other important thing to note is that the role of the GM can be dialed up or down as needed. We could have a game led entirely by GM, or simply allow players to run their own free-form adventures, allowing them to ping a GM when it’s necessary to perform a skill check. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of excellent possibilities here.

I recommend that everyone interested familiarize themselves with the system. With a high enough luck stat, we could get this up and running in the very near future.

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