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Patchy Patch! | WDB #113

This week we’re looking at the recent patch notes!

Development Updates

Earlier this week we released a patch to address a few issues that have cropped up since Conflict Zones and the recent boost to trade have pushed activity up. These are mostly quality-of-life updates meant to prevent exploits on certain trade routes, make Conflict Zones a bit more enjoyable, and allow smaller capital ships a larger degree of freedom with regards to where they can dock.

Patch 100

Kalis’s Log

  • Interceptor IV Frigates can now land on planets and pirate asteroids
  • Pirate asteroids will accept up to bulker sized ships
  • Fixed stations that wouldn’t let corvettes dock with them
  • Lowered turbocharged disruptor damage
  • Bumped turbocharged disruptor dispersion to match very lights
  • Toned down (literally halved) shieldbuster damage now that NPCs can use them
  • Conflict Zone NPC starfighters should behave less like UFOs
  • Adjusted any trade route that paid more than 500 credits a cargo unit to pay exactly 500 credits a cargo unit
  • Adjusted known short but too-high paying routes
  • Please report any trade routes that pay an unusually high amount for a short run (500 credits/unit for an in-system to two system trip).

What’s Coming Next?

In the near future, we’ll be addressing rewards for successful completion of Conflict Zones. At present, your ship has its hull repaired free-of-charge. This will be getting replaced with some sort of monetary reward, and ship repairs will be up to the player once again.

Additionally, we’re looking at a dead-simple pen and paper RP system that we’d like to adapt for use on our Discord server and/or forums. We will likely spend some time going over that next week.

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