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Trade Routes, Bounties, and Taxes! | WDB #112

We’re back! This week we’re talking about the recent uptick in trade activity happening on the server, and some of the effects its having on our universe.

Development Updates

In preparation for a more major revamp of the in-game economy, Kalis has been leaking some little bits and pieces about profitable trades in our current economy. As a result of this uncovered information, all the major factions have had to draw up a series of trade laws and agreements. But we’ll get into that later.

The following routes are examples available to civilian-aligned players.

  • Yavin News shipped from Yavin to CEC Shipyards in Corellia will yield a profit of 100 credits per cargo unit, with an estimated profit of 120 credits per cargo unit/hour.
  • TAARS systems shipped from Nar Hekka to BSY I-5 (in Bilbringi) will yield a profit of 400 credits per unit, estimated at 340 credits per cargo unit/hour.
  • Tauntauns moved from Tsoss Beacon to one of the Hurrim Stations will bring in 150 credits per unit and around 150 credits per unit/hour.

So, depending on the size of your hold and the amount of time you’re willing to put in, it’s conceivable that a dedicated player could amass a small fortune in a not overwhelming amount of time.

As stated above, the newfound boost in trade activity has caused all the major factions to implement their own rules and laws regarding trade in their territory. The links below will bring you directly to the details of those laws:

  • New Republic Trade Laws
    • Of Note: Cargo vessels moving through NR space will be charged a 20% tax on the profit of the goods they are trading. A profit of 100 credits means 20 credits must be paid to the NR trade authorities.
  • Imperial Public Relations Board
    • Of Note: Please read the section on taxation. Similar to the NR, the Empire charges a 20% tax on trade profits.
  • Corellian Protectorate Civilian Laws & Regulations
    • Of Note: Ships flying through Corellian space must possess the necessary license for their vessel. A fee of 1250 credits per cargo unit available on the ship must be paid to the Corellian authorities to register. Failure to comply will result in further fines and penalties.

Bounty Board

A bounty board is now in effect for any players willing to risk a bit of danger for a handsome payout. Please check this board regularly to see who has a price on their head and how much the poster is willing to pay.

Anyone wishing to place a bounty on a ship must be sure to follow the format set up on the original post.

Next week we will update everyone on changes coming with the next patch. Until then, happy hunting!

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