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Conflicts Preview Released! | WDB #111

A preview version of the conflicts system has gone live! Hop on the server today and try it for yourselves!

Development Updates

As we’ve mentioned over the last couple weeks, a new event system has been in the works for some time. The conflict system is a stepping stone to the eventual scripted events system, providing players with a greater range and variety of hostile encounters all over the galaxy.

In brief, the Conflicts Preview will spawn an enemy force (fleets of capital ships, flights of fighters, or a mixture of both) that is roughly matched against your vessel when you enter a ‘Conflict Zone’, and the force spawned will scale up or down depending on how many players are present inside the zone.

At the moment, there are a few possible outcomes to engaging the enemy in a conflict zone:

  1. If all enemy ships are defeated, players are rewarded by having their hull completely repaired, free of charge. This negates the usual high-cost capital ship hull repairs. Eventually, this will be done away with in favor of monetary rewards.
  2. If the player is defeated, the enemy will depart the area and the player will respawn on the last base they docked with.
  3. If all players involved in the zone retreat from the area, the enemy vessels will leave.

Please bear in mind that this system is in an extremely early stage and there may be bugs. It’s already been noted that AI accuracy is a little too good at the moment. This will be addressed when FriendlyFire returns from a brief hiatus.

Feedback has been quite positive so far, and from my own personal experience, I’d have to say this system is making for some very enjoyable and cinematic battles. We encourage everyone to take part and tell us what you think!

Full patch notes below:

Patch 99

Kalis’s Log

  • Added Conflict Zones to Galaxy
  • Made ship formations for NPC Fleets
  • Filled out ship metadata for NPC Fleets
  • Removed local ambient fighter/bomber spawns (but not system wide ones)
  • Removed ambient frigates from Calamari
  • Upgraded Coruscant’s orbital defenses to Golan IIIs
  • Adjusted T-65AC4’s energy
  • Adjusted blaster energy drain, adjusted all interceptors’ energy accordingly
  • Added ship dealers to KDY Offices, Kuat Freight Ports 1 and 2
  • Fixed CDF HQ ship dealer
  • Fixed docking path on Telgorn Yards to enter capital mooring properly
  • Fixed YT-5300 turret view
  • Fixed YT-5300 being able to mount wrong guns on side turrets
  • Fixed Golan III’s disturbing lack of ACM launchers
  • Widened Golan II gun arcs so they can bring enough guns to bear to be scary to small capitals and a nuisance to large ones
  • Adjusted Assault Frigate I, DP20, Marauder turret view cameras to be above the ship
  • Fixed Interceptor IV shield return time
  • Fixed typo that prevented NR patrols from spawning in Yag’Dhul
  • Changed Sleheyron, Randon, and Teth from civilian control to Hutt
  • Missiles rebalanced
    • Concussions and Adv. Concussions do the same amount of damage
    • Adv. Concussions track better and faster but take up more space
    • The avoid confusion Adv. Proton Torpedoes have been renamed to Heavy Proton Torpedoes, they are still the same in terms of functionality
    • Proton torpedoes take slightly longer (+2 seconds) to reload
    • Lowered missile lock ranges, concussions lock at 3-K, proton torps at 4-K, heavy proton torps at 6-K.
    • NOTE: You will still see a lock before this but if it is beyond the range listed the missile will NOT track.

FriendlyFire’s Log

  • Conflicts Preview
    • Random NPC fleets will now spawn in certain areas of the galaxy
    • Spawns are scaled according to the player’s current ship and loadout
    • Certain zones may be more difficult than others
    • Since this is a preview, no reward is currently implemented, but successfully destroying a fleet will heal your ship to full health
    • WARNING: This is a preview, expect bugs, crashes and problems!
  • Fixed bounding boxes on most ships

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