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Community Poll: Encounter System | WDB #110

Today we’re posing a development question to our community: How soon would you like to try out the encounter system? Read on for more details!

Development Updates

Last week we unveiled our plans for “flippin’ NPC cruisers”: our plan to spawn in groups of NPC ships, including capitals, to provide more challenging adversaries for players. The system will be reactive and scale-able, sending in groups of enemy ships when the game detects you are flying through hostile territory which will more or less match the strength and capabilities of your ship and/or group of ships. This will give every eager capital pilot something more consistent to shoot at, and ought to make running around in enemy systems a lot more dangerous.

However, we are now faced with a slight dilemma that we believe our community can help solve. FriendlyFire will be away from mid May to early June, meaning most, if not all, work on this system will be suspended until he returns.

The good news is that with a little work before then, there’s a very good chance we can put an early version of this system into the public build of the game before he leaves. The bad news is that a more hasty release doesn’t give us as much time for bug fixing, testing or tweaking, and we could potentially be stuck with any problems for several weeks before there is any hope for a fix.

Either way is reasonable, but we know that the draw of additional pew pew action is extremely hard to resist. Therefore, we are placing the decision in the hands of the community and committing the decision to a poll!

Consequently, if the vote is yes and this breaks everything, we get to blame you for it! Hooray!*

When Should We Release The 'Reactive Encounter' System?

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*This statement not to be taken seriously. 

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