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“Flippin’ NPC Cruisers!” | WDB #109

This week we’re addressing the unfortunate lack of hostile enemy fleets by adding…hostile enemy fleets!

Development Updates

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who showed up for last week’s developer’s meeting! We received a lot of great questions, feedback, and were able to cover a lot of ground throughout the afternoon. The developers all had a good time doing it, so we will certainly be open to having more meetings in the future!

New Feature!

During the meeting, we discussed our future, more long-term, plans for the game in detail. As exciting as those plans are, we still want the game to be entertaining in the short term. To that end, FriendlyFire and company have been working hard on a new feature to provide players a challenge a bit more difficult than the standard bar-missions.

Before we describe it, here’s a quick look at the sort of challenge we’re talking about:

When we posted this on Discord earlier in the week, one of our players asked: “Are those flippin’ NPC cruisers?!” Well, the answer is a resounding yes. They are indeed NPC capital ships, and they are here to ruin your day.

However, encountering an enemy fleet group will not be the result of accepting a mission. In fact, a player won’t know when the ships are coming at all. There will be areas in any given system that are designated as ‘hot spots’, where the game will notice your ship, your allegiances, as well as any other players with you, and send in a group of adversaries specifically tailored to provide you with a challenge.

For example: if you’re flying solo in a frigate and hit a hot spot, expect to see a group of ships that will offer you some stiff resistance, but still give you a reasonable chance of winning. Likewise, if your frigate is flying escort for an Imperial Star Destroyer that your buddy is flying, the enemy group might have a higher level MC cruiser or two in the mix.

A few images we captured during testing:

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In short: As you fly through the galaxy, this new feature means there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a group of hostile enemy ships (from fighters to battleships), scaled to provide you with a challenge.

The challenges will not be without their rewards, however. Should you prevail against the enemy, a significant number of credits will be deposited in your character’s account.

We’re not providing a release date for this just yet, but it’s definitely a near-term feature. Additionally, we haven’t quite settled on a name for this feature yet, so we’ll float our ideas out there and see what sticks.

Names Currently In The Running

  • Hotspot System
  • Encounters (or Reactive Encounters)
  • Reactive Adversary System (or Device)

We’ll gladly accept community suggestions as well!

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