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Meet the Devs Event: Today!

As we mentioned on last week’s development blog, we will be holding a special event this afternoon, evening, or morning (depending on where you are). The mod development team will be hanging out on the Freeworlds: Tides of War Discord

The mod development team will be hanging out on the Freeworlds: Tides of War Discord Text & Voice server. Follow the links provided for instant access. No client required!

Event will run from 12pm – 6pm EDT. For those of you who are terrible with time zone conversion, like me, the image below should give everyone across the globe a solid idea about the start time. (Click Image To Enlarge)

We’ll be answering any and all questions about every area of development. For your convenience, here is a listing of the Who’s Who on the development team:

  • FriendlyFire – Overall mod development / technical questions regarding feature implementation, graphical changes/updates, and coding.
  • Sizer – In-game art, models, textures and overall creative direction.
  • Kalis – Combat balance and ship/weapon integration.
  • Dart – Game Control Panel development.
  • DarkForce – Lore and roleplay development, events and community relations.
  • Arvis_Taljik – Models and textures.
  • Assistant Developers: Alifisno, Angstman, Teradyn, Volume_9, Caconym, Rico.

If you’re not in voice chat, you may use an @mention (@ symbol + the person’s username) to grab a specific developer’s attention. Please note that not everyone listed may be there the entire day, or at all. If this is the case, direct your question/comment to @DarkForce (me)I will relay any and all messages to the appropriate people.

Lastly, for anyone who cannot make it to the event: We are always happy to answer your questions and hear your comments. If you can’t make it, send your questions our way and we’ll still get back to you!

Community Links

Recruitment is now open for all factions! The New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Corellian Protectorate and Hutt Syndicate are all waiting for you! Want to join the community? It couldn’t be simpler: Join our Discord Channels! Click on the links below:

For the latest development videos, please check out our YouTube Channel! Or, visit us on the Freeworlds ForumsFacebook, or leave us a comment or question here and the developers will respond! We also have a Steam group that’s updated weekly with our news posts, and our community is always welcoming new gamers!

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