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Pick-Up Events | WDB #107

Today we’re discussing our plans for weekly, spontaneous player-run events.

Development Updates

Pick-Up Events

While scripted events are still under development, we want to make it easier and more compelling for our players to have a good time flying around the galaxy. So, in my capacity as community manager, I’m developing a series of repeatable events that can be run with small or large groups of players, with one player acting as the coordinating point person.

Here’s how this will work:

On any given day, at any given time, a player may desire to run an event. Provided there are enough people to participate (likely a minimum of 4 players for the most basic event), they may choose one event type from the list provided (there will eventually be more than the ones I’ll describe below.

After choosing the event, the point person will page an admin (usually @DarkForce on Discord) to let them know an event is happening. The point person will be responsible for running the event and reporting the outcome to an admin so they can release payouts.

The point person may be required to fly a specific ship, be an objective/target, a referee, etc, depending on the event type. Impartiality is a must, and if we receive reports that the point person has been less than accommodating to all sides, there will be repercussions. Also worth noting is that admins may or may not be on hand to beam people around, so do not count on admin assistance. You will need to give players time to get in position before starting.

Event Examples

I’ve drawn up a couple sample events for everyone to get a sense of what’s possible:

  • Escort/Kill The Transport
    • Point person is flying transport vessel (any size or class) from [Base A] to [Base B] for [Faction]
      • Members of [Allied Faction] must defend the transport along its journey.
      • Members of [Opposing Faction] must destroy, stop or otherwise prevent the transport from reaching its destination.
    • Rules
      • Pointman must announce the start and end point to all factions involved.
      • Pointman must ensure all factions are ready prior to starting the event.
    • Prizes
      • Winning faction is awarded 10 Million Credits
      • Losing faction is awarded 5 Million Credits
  • Customs Patrol / Shell Game / Kill The Man With The Thing
    • Point person picks a single commodity to act as the “shell”. This commodity must be announced prior to the event so the opposing faction knows what to look for.
    • Rules
      • Point person may designate two additional players in their group that they may pass the shell around to. These players should be announced, but additional players in the group may still escort/defend the shell carriers.
      • The opposing faction must find and destroy the ship currently carrying the shell to win.
      • If the point person’s group successfully passes the shell around without it being destroyed for a set period of time, or before that group can dock with a certain location, they win.
    • Prizes
      • Winning Faction is awarded 5 million credits.
      • Losing Faction is awarded 2.5 million credits

This list will grow as time goes forward so that events can be rotated in and out at will. For example, other event types might include variations of:

  • Racing (With or without combat)
  • Capture the Flag
  • King of the Hill
  • Team Deathmatch
  • VIP Escort / Assassination
  • Cargo Race (Who can make the most money in the set time period using ships with the same size cargo hold?)

All events will have payouts to all factions involved to ensure that participation is always rewarded. We will also welcome player submitted ideas for events, though those ideas will have to be properly vetted before approval.

This system begins right away, too! If you want to run an event now, go for it! If we don’t have rules written up for an event, just ask me (DarkForce) and I’ll write rules for it ASAP.

Next Week: GameCP Progress!

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