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Battle For The Phaeton | WDB #103

This week we’re giving you an in-universe account of last weekend’s server event!

Battle For The Phaeton

Galactic News Network is now receiving reports of a major incident near Thyferra in the Polith System just days ago. Information suggests that elements of the New Republic, Empire, Corellian Protectorate and possibly agents of the Hutt Syndicate were involved in a struggle to recover a vessel belonging to the long lost Katana Fleet.

The Dreadnaught-class cruiser, dubbed Phaeton, was discovered by patrol units of all the involved parties when the vessel suddenly popped out of hyperspace and into the Polith System, somewhat close to the Polith Raceway. The Phaeton then began broadcasting a locator beacon, and droids aboard the vessel were heard on several comm frequencies attempting to make repairs and flee the area. However, once the beacon was active, military units from all the aforementioned parties began to converge in Polith to attempt to recover the vessel.

Based on recent history, our experts believe the Phaeton was present at the battle of the Katana fleet, during Grand Admiral Thrawn’s campaign against the New Republic. After being discovered, it was found that all the organic crew members of the fleet fell victim to a hive virus and perished, leaving only maintenance droids behind. Though droids were not intended to take control of the ships, backup systems on some of the Dreadnaughts did allow for limited droid command in the event of an emergency. It would seem the systems weren’t triggered before the organic crew died off, but a mishap during the battle with the Grand Admiral’s forces may have sent the Phaeton off on its own adventure.

That adventure, of course, came to a head in the Polith system. The New Republic quickly located the vessel, but lacked the necessary hardware to capture it, instead opting to defend the dreadnaught until its transports arrived. Meanwhile, detachments from Corellian Security and the Imperial Fleet rallied near a Zaltin bacta depot as they searched for and then escorted transports to the dreadnaught’s location. The Corellians and the Empire, both quite wary of one another, given the Empire’s recent occupation and withdrawal from Corellian space, seemed to maintain an uneasy truce as they each raced to recover the Phaeton. 

Also on-site were a group of local pirates who we believe have ties to the Hutt Syndicate. Despite the official stances the governments of all the other involved parties have regarding piracy, the pirates were only seen exchanging fire with the New Republic vessels, leading many to believe that the Empire struck a deal to avoid having to waste energy destroying them. Perhaps even more curious was the utter lack of interest the Corellians and the pirates showed in one another, especially considering Diktat Horn’s oft-fiery remarks on the subject.

The answer to all these curious actions may simply be the sheer weight of the prize: a real Katana Dreadnaught. The New Republic, despite having found the vessel first, could not provide its transports adequate protection while simultaneously fighting off the Empire, pirate ships, and even exchanging the occasional salvo with the Corellians. Likewise, the Imperials and the pirates were preoccupied trying to ward off the New Republic vessels. Reports indicate that the lone Imperial frigate in the area took heavy damage before the New Republic was finally forced to retreat.

Corellia, to their credit, used the chaos to their advantage. With virtually all the other parties ignoring them, they were able to land enough men, droids and hardware aboard the Phaeton to direct it back to Corellian space. The vessel is currently undergoing repairs and refit at the CEC Shipyards.

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