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The YUGE Update | WDB #101

Today we’re posting our patch notes in full, and looking towards a rather important bug-fixing update coming in the near future!

Development Updates

Over the weekend we released Patch 91 and 92, informally known as the YUGE Update, as our ships have now doubled in size across the board. Of course, that’s not all. A large number of things were added as well, including changes to graphics, weapons, and tweaks to combat balance. If you play the game regularly, you may have already noticed some of the changes during play, but if you feel like you missed anything, the exhaustive list is below.

Perhaps more important is what’s coming next. FriendlyFire has recently identified a potential cause for many of the seemingly random crashes and/or bugs that players have been encountering for some time. Missile lock issues, problems with carrier docking, ships having the wrong engines, targeting, physics crashes, and much more were all caused by what you might call ghost ships.

More explicitly, the game has not been despawning/de-instancing ships when the ship is beamed somewhere. Beaming, or rather, the act of using an admin command to move a ship from one place to another without travel is what the hyperspace system uses, and it also powers some other functions in the game.

The result: The game moves your character, but leaves behind a ghost ID because, technically, your character was never despawned in the first location.

Now that the problem has been identified, we’re fairly confident we’ll have a fix out in the short-term.

On to the notes!

Patch 91
Sizer’s Log

  • Doubled the size of all fighters, interceptors, bombers and patrol ships

FriendlyFire’s Log

  • Fixed Hutt interceptors base and Hutt CC7700e crashing the game
  • Redesigned all fighter/interceptor/bomber cameras following the rescale
  • Added a few more engine effects, all starfighters should have their own now
  • Scaled starfighter beam effects up a bit
  • Added normal and specular maps for all ship and station models that did not currently have them – 3843 textures were added
  • Doubled tractor range on most ships, but slightly reduced tractor speed
  • Fixed engines sometimes having a weird inverted tail
  • Added more texture format fallbacks for higher compatibility at the cost of performance or visual accuracy
  • Complete shadow rendering rewrite
    • Cascade count is now limited to 4 (setting has been reset to default, check your settings!)
    • Last cascade is only drawn every other frame (if count is at least 2), increasing performance
    • Changed generation and combination logic for higher performance and adequate appearance
    • Vastly increased quality of near-field shadows (i.e. on the player’s ship)

Kalis’s Log
WARNING: Characters with the following ships will be broken by this patch and will need to be remade:

  • All battleships
  • All destroyers except the Neutron Star
  • All cruisers except the Corellian Cruiser
  • Escort Carrier
  • CC7700/E Interdictor
  • Mobquet Medium Transport
  • Y8 Mining Vessel
  • ATR-6 (if equipped with quads)
  • YB300
  • Suprosa
  • CR20
  • AA-9
  • E-Wing
  • A-9 Vigilance

NOTE FROM KALIS: In the patch notes below you will see that even more capitals will be modular than before. Refitting a capital is expensive, those with medium weapons especially so. Make sure you have the credits on hand to replace your ship’s armament so it does not leave dock under gunned.


  • Green Heavy Quad energy drain fixed
  • Ultra light turbos can be fitted on heavy laser slots now, incidentally, this means ATR-6s can no longer equip heavy quad lasers
  • Adjusted cost of transports, bulkers, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and battlecruisers for weapons cost
  • After numerous complaints about missions being more grindy returned assault shuttles to missions and doubled mission payout (returned to previous levels)
  • Changed generic heavy laser turret model so they look less derpy on smaller ships
  • Fixed Dreadnaught’s maneuverability being half what it should have been
  • NPC TIE Bombers spawn with a half hold of torps as opposed to a full hold
  • Fixed Starwing’s shield draining energy when recharging
  • Fixed all of the VSD-I’s starboard ACM launchers facing the wrong direction
  • Relus in the Beshqek System moved closer to Sector Control so it isn’t ridiculously far away
  • Increased shot dispersion on all turbolasers to keep them from being viable anti-fighter weapons
  • ACM and Diamond Boron launchers now consume energy when fired
  • Cost of capital-grade turrets halved
  • Made sure fighter repairs cost significantly less on board carriers


  • Bastion; Bastion Sector Control is now a GE mission hub, all missions in the system will be near the station
  • Borleias; Borleias Command is now a GE mission hub
  • Bespin, Hurrim Stations are now Civilian mission hubs
  • Corellia; Selonia Checkpoint and Corwin’s Raiders are now CorSec and Pirate mission hubs respectively
  • Coruscant; NR Naval Academy is now an NR mission hub
  • Dathomir; Rancor Pit Salvage Station and Dath Fortress are now Civilian and GE mission hubs respectively
  • Endor; Bloodstar is now a Pirate mission hub
  • Garqi; Garqi and Garqi Command are now Civilian and GE mission hubs respectively
  • Hoth; Airtight Base is now Pirate affiliated and a Pirate mission hub
  • Kashyyyk; Trandosha and Trandosha Orbital Depot are now NR and Civilian mission hubs respectively
  • Kuat; Kuat / Corellia Checkpoint is now a Civilian mission hub
  • Tatoo; Tatoo Research Base and planet Tatooine are Hutt mission hubs
  • Tsoss; Tsoss Beacon is now a GE mission hub
  • Tyrius; Encheeko Station is now a CorSec mission hub
  • Yag’Dhul; Yag-Prime is now an NR mission hub
  • Y’Toub; Nar Shaddaa is now a Hutt mission hub
  • Skiprays and K-Wings returned to potential NPC spawn list since they are up to date, this is both in ambient spawns and missions

NOTE: Pirate, Hutt, and CorSec missions have been buggy and if they do not appear may require logging multiple times to generate. Longest number of times it’s taken for me has been four but this may vary.


  • Assault Laser and Ion rate of fire lowered to once per second
  • Disruptor now performs more like a combat laser/ion hybrid than an overpowered assault laser
  • Lowered dispersion on support lasers
  • E-Wing equipped with non-modular advanced lasers
  • A-9 Vigilance now uses 2 Assault Lasers by default, cannot equip blasters, energy-adjusted
  • Cloakshape tankier, energy adjusted for new assault laser drain
  • TIE Defender energy adjusted for new assault laser drain
  • Vornskr energy adjusted for new assault laser drain
  • Supa energy adjusted for new assault ion drain
  • B-Wing full burst and recharge time dropped from 7s to 5s
  • B-Wing energy adjusted for new assault ion drain
  • Kimogila energy adjusted for new assault laser/ion drain
  • Skipray energy adjusted for new assault laser drain


  • All frigates are now modular (this does not mean every single weapon is modular)
  • All frigate energy systems are rebalanced
  • All frigates and corvettes are available for sale at their faction’s shipyards
  • NOTE: unlike regular capitals, the Lancer cannot sustain fire easily, its energy will drain over short bursts but recharges fairly quickly
  • CC7700/E Interdictor completely rebalanced, now slower but more heavily armored and shielded, less anti-capital punch but much greater anti-starfighter capability, much closer to canonical armament
  • CC7700/E’s recommended cargo loadout: 60 cluster bombs, 20 adv. Concussions, 10 adv. protons
  • Interceptor-IV now has engine effects
  • Escort Carrier lost turbos, reclassified frigate, cost drastically lowered
  • CR90 and CR90v’s shield regen massively buffed, CR90 shield cap dropped
  • DP20 Corvette rescaled, was 224 meters, is now 120 meters (0.535)
  • Marauder Corvette rescaled, was 190 meters, is now 131 meters (0.691)
  • Interceptor Frigate rescaled, was 278 meters, is now 175 meters (0.629)
  • Corona Frigate rescaled, was 433 meters, is now 275 meters (0.635)
  • Nebulon-B2 rescaled, was 315 meters, is now 300 meters (0.953, yeah I know it’s canonically 253.2 meters but our model is the original Neb-B kitbashed so the scale would be off on the parts if it wasn’t the same size)
  • Ton-Falk Escort Carrier rescaled, was 556 meters, is now 500 meters (0.898)


  • Medium Capital Weapons rebalanced, turret health lowered
  • Medium Capital Weapons now cost money to repair and replace
  • All destroyers are now modular (this does not mean every single weapon is modular)
  • All destroyer energy systems are rebalanced
  • All destroyers are available for sale at their faction’s shipyards
  • Carrack rebalanced, minor health nerf, minor speed buff
  • Carrack can be converted from default (jack of all trades, master of none) to ion support (little turbo punch), anti-starfighter (not as capable as a lancer but still enough to give enemies pause, similarly small turbo punch), or brawler (lasers replaced with turbos, no anti-starfighter capability)
  • Corellian Destroyer now has engine effects
  • Corellian Destroyer can now equip up to three missile launchers, including two mag-pulses and an ion-pulse
  • Strike Cruiser’s proton torpedo launchers removed, two ion cannons and 60 cargo capacity (6 extra respawns) added, light weapons can be swapped for mediums, minor health nerf
  • Neutron Star can be converted into an anti-fighter destroyer, conversion is fairly energy inefficient
  • MC30 rebalanced, two medium turbolasers removed, gained four secondary guns, secondaries are better distributed across all arcs now, primary battery arcs adjusted to compensate for two removed turrets, secondaries modular between anti-fighter lasers and light turbolasers
  • MC30’s recommended cargo loadout: 20 ACMs, 100 cluster bombs
  • MC40 has heavier forward ion punch at cost of turbos (this is modular and can be reversed), lost anti-fighter lasers in favor of concussion missile launchers
  • MC40’s recommended cargo loadout: 12 respawns, 60 adv. concussions.
  • Gladiator’s ACMs removed, replaced with 4x forward facing Adv. Proton Torp Launchers, as well as 6x Adv. concussion launchers arranged in broadsides of three. Six main battery turrets removed, remaining 12 turrets upgraded to double mediums.
  • Gladiator’s fighter capacity dropped to 6 from 8.
  • Gladiator’s recommended cargo loadout: 48 respawns, 20 adv. Protons, 80 adv. Concussions.
  • Liberator rebalanced, two medium turbos replaced with ions, secondary ion battery can be swapped for light turbos, shield regen buffed
  • Neutron Star rescaled, was 300 meters, is now 600 meters (2.0)
  • MC30 rescaled, was 321 meters, is now 580 meters (1.807)
  • Gladiator rescaled, was 700 meters, is now 500 meters (0.716)


  • Heavy Capital Weapons rebalanced, turret health lowered
  • Heavy Capital Weapons now cost money to repair and replace
  • Heavy Turbolasers are modular and can be bought, don’t expect modularity on heavy guns, though, this is mainly so when you purchase a Dreadnaught you can change the shot color based on your allegiance.
  • All cruisers now modular
  • All cruisers energy systems are rebalanced
  • All cruisers are available for sale at their faction’s shipyards
  • Dreadnaught sold with two armaments:
    • The universal Dreadnaught has the original pre-refit armament which includes the 10 heavy lasers and 10 heavy turbos but replaces the 20 medium weapons with dual lights, giving it heavy short range firepower with less energy efficiency
    • The Imperial Dreadnaught has the post-refit armament, which replaces the 10 heavy lasers with light turbolasers, sacrificing anti-fighter capability, and is armed with 12 medium turbolasers and 8 medium ions, sacrificing rapid firepower for energy efficiency and range. The heavy turbos are the same.
    • Either version can be refitted to match the other where preferable.
  • Assault Frigate rebalanced, armament similar to original Dreadnaught with extra anti-fighter and heavy turbo guns, hangar removed given MC80a being a thing soon.
  • Enforcer’s primary battery is now pure mediums, double lights were removed in favor of more medium ions and quad turrets
  • Vindicator now has minor anti-fighter battery
  • Immobilizer-418 can replace 6 of the bow anti-fighter lasers with light capital weapons
  • Corellian Cruiser’s ion battery can be replaced with light ions or anti-fighter lasers and its medium turbo battery can be replaced with dual light turbos
  • Corellian Cruiser now has engine effects
  • Assault Frigate Mk.I rescaled, was 350 meters, is now 700 meters (2.0)
  • MC80a rescaled, was 1,024 meters, is now 1,200 meters (1.172)
  • Enforcer rescaled, was 521 meters, is now 600 meters (1.152)
  • Vindicator rescaled, was 521 meters, is now 600 meters (1.152)


  • All battlecruisers energy systems are rebalanced
  • All battleships energy systems are rebalanced
  • All battlecruisers and battleships are available for sale at their faction’s shipyards
  • MC80 Liberty’s turret number on its forward arc lowered to 8 heavy ions and 16 heavy turbolasers from 10 heavy ions and 18 heavy turbolasers. This is because it was far outperforming the VSD-II (14 turbos, 5 ions) in terms of DPS on primary arcs. (It will still murder a VSD in a head-on fight, just not as quickly).
  • Recommended VSD-I cargo loadout: 24 respawns, 120 ACMs
  • 2 ACM launchers added to MC90 to represent heavy proton torp battery
  • 2 Forward turbos on the MC90 replaced with ions
  • MC90 broadside increased to 4 heavy turbos and 2 heavy ions so it isn’t useless when something is not in front of it
  • Recommended MC90 cargo loadout: 72 respawns, 8 ACMs
  • ACM removed from ISD-I
  • ISD-I speed decreased to 50m/s
  • ISD-II speed increased to 60m/s


  • Most transports now have a higher energy reserve but longer recharge times, allowing for longer bursts of cruise but making it more difficult to directly escape when under attack
  • Most transport NPCs are now armed
  • Box freighter’s cost lowered by 250,000
  • All transport NPCs are now modular, except the Box Freighter which will remain unarmed
  • All transports now have engine effects
  • All shuttles and assault shuttles have been rescaled to their canonical size
  • All transports have been rescaled to their canonical size


  • Most bulkers now have a higher energy reserve but longer recharge times, allowing for longer bursts of cruise but making it more difficult to directly escape when under attack
  • Most bulker NPCs are now armed
  • All bulkers are now modular, except the BFF1 which will remain unarmed
  • All bulkers now have engine effects
  • All bulk freighters have been rescaled to their canonical size

Patch 92
FriendlyFire’s Log

  • Fixed potential crash when attempting to toggle on/off an invalid weapon
  • Fixed potential issue when the renderer is in a crashed/reloading state and the game attempts to update it
  • Added various checks around spawn in animations to prevent degenerate matrices which can crash the game or renderer
  • Added server-side check for validity of gravity well generators

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