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Ships: Now Bigger And With More Explosions! | WDB #100

Today, on the one-hundredth edition of the weekly development blog, we’re dishing on an extensive list of changes coming to ships in the next patch.

Development Updates

Before we get to the meat, we’d like to thank the community for continuing to support the development of the game through playing, testing, reading these blogs and communicating with us. Despite any difficulties in development, working on the game is still a lot of fun and it just wouldn’t be if we didn’t have people cheering us on. So again, thank you! We’re looking forward to what comes next.

Ship Resizing

Perhaps the most noticeable change coming in the next patch is the resizing of all vessels to be closer to their canon values. A number of ships, from fighters all the way up to capitals, had sizes ranging from too small to way too large.

For example, the Corellian DP20 Gunship was about twice the size it canonically should be, making it dwarf other vessels in its class and painting it as a much bigger target than necessary. Conversely, the MC30 was about the size of a Nebulon-B frigate but is supposed to be closer to a Dreadnaught in size. It’s now been upscaled to remedy the problem.

Likewise, all fighters have had their sizes more or less doubled. This is important not only for scale against capital ships but also combat balance.

It turned out that some fighters, like the X-Wing, were significantly larger than their counterparts, like the TIE-Interceptor. Both ships are now properly scaled, and as a result, dogfighting distances should look and feel quite a bit closer. This should improve everyone’s ability to target during fast-paced, close-range engagements.

Modular Weapons

Capital ships will be given the ability to customize their ship’s loadout to a minor degree, similar to fighters. Secondary batteries will be more or less universally customizable while main batteries remain a bit more static, with room for small modifications.

Smaller capitals will be more modular overall than larger ones. Bulk freighters and transports are also becoming modular, allowing players to equip defensive turrets on previously unarmed bulk freighters. The number of turrets they’ll be able to equip will be low compared to capital vessels, but it will be enough for self-defense as and gutsy pirates.

Energy Management

Energy systems on all capitals are being reworked to make energy management a more critical aspect of combat and general play. For example, leaving secondary batteries on or off, the percentage of throttle you’re holding on your vessel, and when you decide to engage can now all affect whether you hang in a fight or crap out halfway through it.

As a side effect, players will also see an increase in the utility of ion cannons. Their effect on energy will be more noticeable now that the margin between efficient and inefficient energy management has become much thinner.


The other changes coming are literally too numerous to list on today’s posting, and everyone can rest assured that we’ll be giving specifics on every single change made. However, a few more things to note:

  • Mission hubs are being added to a large number of stations across the galaxy. It should be relatively easy to find a place to do missions no matter what sector of the galaxy you happen to be in.
  • New engine effects have been added to a great number of ships that were missing them.
  • Weapon effects have been scaled up in some cases to coincide with the size upscaling.

Please Note: The next patch will break a whole lot of capital ships and a variety of smaller vessels. If you happen to have characters with any of the ships listed, they will have to be remade. Specific information will be released with patch notes.

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