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OS / Hardware Survey | WDB #99

This week we’re looking to get a better sense of the computer specifications our players are running the game on. Please fill out the survey below!

Development Updates

One of the difficult aspects of game development is finding a balance between utilizing new and more powerful technologies and processes to create the game, and making sure they can work on as many different hardware configurations as possible.

I’m sure most, if not all PC gamers have found that at some point, their hardware simply was no longer up to the task of playing the most modern titles (“Can it run Crysis?”). That’s when we usually feel the itch to upgrade, or concede that we’re stuck playing older games for the foreseeable future.

Freeworlds has now matured to the point where relatively modern hardware is required to run the game at adequate levels. Many people are surprised at this, given that Freelancer came out in early 2003, but our overhaul is so comprehensive that it bears very little resemblance to Freelancer in terms of graphical fidelity any longer.

We’d like to go even further in increasing our graphical capabilities, but we need to get a better idea of what our current player base is running first. That way we’ll have a better understanding of just how much we can coax out of the game before people start running into issues.

To help us get a clearer picture, we’re asking for your help. All you need to do is select the appropriate answer to the two following questions regarding your system specifications.

Note: If you’re not sure what your specifications are, we suggest using a free program such as Piriform’s Speccy to give you an overview of your system specs.

What is your current Operating System?

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What is your current GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)?

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Longtime Freeworlder Rogueleeder has begun a serialized war-journal chronicling a character’s journey from the waning days of the Old Republic up until our divergent timeline in the Tides of War era.

Follow the story here: Knight For All Time

Recruitment for the New Republic and Empire are open! Send your applications to Kalis and/or Volume_9 and they will get you sorted right away. 

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