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Normal & Specular Maps For All! | WDB #98

Good news, everyone! Today we’re taking a look at the new normal and specular texture maps on our ships and stations. Plus we’ll explain some changes in our capital ship pricing model.

Development Updates

One of the more tedious aspects of creating, importing, or modifying ships for use in the mod is making textures. Many of the models we use come with old, outdated textures that may have been cutting edge at one point, but are no longer up to modern standards. Creating new textures by hand can be a laborious process that takes time away from other aspects of development.

Thanks to the technical wizardry of FriendlyFireit’s laborious no longer.

Using an automatic generation process, he’s created normal and specular maps for every ship and station model currently in the game (aside from those that were already updated). Thanks to that process, an astounding 3,843 textures were added to the game. Just imagine if we’d taken the time to add that number by hand!

This is only a first pass, mind you, so the examples we’re showing may not be indicative of the final product. Either way, they’re a big step forward from what we’ve had. Unfortunately, players will have to wait until our next patch to get a look for themselves. For now, these images should help:

Immobilizer-418 (Interdictor)

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Lancer Frigate

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Freighter Type K

New Texture


Also worth noting this week are some changes to how capital ships are priced. We’ve had a number of questions on our Discord channel, so we thought it deserved an official answer.

Previously, capital ships had a default weapons loadout that could not be changed. As such, the ship just had a single price. Now that many ships have modular weapons systems (giving you a number of choices about how to equip your vessel), prices have gone up. When you buy a ship, it’s summing up the price of the ship and its current loadout. Since capital ship weapons now have a separate price (and a significant cost), that cost must be accounted for.

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