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Developing Player Roles | WDB #96

Today we’re discussing the future of player roles and opening the floor for ideas and speculation on how they might influence the development of the game.

Development Updates

One of the wonderful things about a big fictional universe like Star Wars is how well it lends itself to roleplaying. On every wildly different planet, city, starship or space station, you’re likely to meet a diverse cast of characters, each fulfilling some sort of unique role. It’s only natural that we, as players, want to inhabit one (or many) of those roles, to try and taste what it might be like to live another life, in another place.

In that spirit, we’re interested in getting perspectives from our community. If you could be anyone or do anything in the Star Wars universe, who would you be? What role would you want to fill?*

Why do we ask? Well, we’re currently in the process of collecting and brainstorming ideas to cater to player progression and specialized roles. We’ve got a lot of thoughts on the subject, but we’d also like to know what the ideas the greater community has for the future of in-game roleplaying. Hopefully, your thoughts will either confirm that we’re on the right track or help us tweak our ideas further.

There are, of course, limitations to what we can achieve. This is not an invitation to reimagine the entire game, add unrealistic features, make outlandish requests, or otherwise fill out your Freeworlds wishlists.

What this is, is an opportunity to take the classic idea of a roleplaying archetype and apply it to the game. 

For example, we could include a Pilot class for players who are interested in becoming more proficient fighter pilots. Progression through that class may unlock perks or abilities that give them an edge in a dogfight. Or, perhaps you’re more interested in trading. A Trader class might give your character some specific advantages when hauling cargo.

There’s also the possibility that players won’t be locked into a single class. Picking and choosing bits from one class or another could make for some very interesting hybrids.

For those of you interested in discussing your ideas with the development team, please be sure not to get bogged down by the small details. We’re looking for broad answers about what type of characters you want to see inhabiting the universe.

If you have an idea for a player role you’d like to submit, any of our main channels of communication are a fine place to do so! Ping us on Discord, leave us a comment on Facebook or on our forums!

Disclaimer: If you submit an idea that the dev team doesn’t think we will implement or use, please do not be offended. In the many thousands of hours the development team has spent working on and talking about the game, we’ve nixed many hundreds, if not thousands of our own vociferously defended plans and ideas for reasons too numerous to mention. It comes with the territory. 

*Venator-class Star Destroyer is not a role.

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