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Patches! Fixes! X-Wings! | WDB #95

This week we’re rounding up the notes on a flurry of recent patches and showing off Sizer’s shiny new X-Wing model!

Development Updates

First off, thank you to everyone in our community who offered feedback to last week’s post on our proposed hyperspace changes.They were generally well received, so it looks like we’ll be moving ahead with our plans. It’s going to make hyperspace travel much more dynamic and engaging!

The most exciting thing to happen this week: Sizer’s insanely detailed new X-Wing model!

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Using this new model as a baseline, the intent is to set a new standard for the detail and quality of the models we’re putting into the game going forward. Expect additional high-quality models in the future!

Next up: Between last week’s post and our last blog before Christmas/New Years, we released a number of small patches to the game. Release notes were posted individually to the forums/Discord only, so today we’re taking the opportunity to release the notes all at once, in case anyone missed the details.

Patch 87/88

  • Reverted changes to ship handling to prevent issues during hyperspace.

Patch 89

FriendlyFire’s Log

  • Fixed inconsistent infinite loading screen on death

Kalis’s Log

  • MC80a hard pointed, balanced, added to game
  • CR90v Carrier hard pointed, balanced, added to game
  • Nebulon-B2 hard pointed, balanced, added to game
  • Corona balanced, added to game
  • Neutron Star rebalanced as civilian destroyer
  • Dreadnaught rebalanced as civilian cruiser
  • Nebulon-B energy redone
  • CR90 Corvette energy redone

Launcher Update 1.21

  • Fixed error message if Freelancer had never generated an MPID prior to starting the launcher

Patch 90

FriendlyFire’s Log

  • Added more logging to SMAA shader

Kalis’s Log

  • WARNING: DP70 characters will be broken by this patch and will need to be remade
  • WARNING: Interceptor-IV characters will be broken by this patch and will need to be remade
  • MC80a, Corona, Neb-B2, and CR90v temporarily removed from bases pending fixes
  • Missions should no longer spawn shuttles
  • Mission payout halved due to far lower risk of death
  • Capital AAA given muzzle velocity buff to improve effectiveness, range is same
  • Light capital weapons reworked (see balance sheet)
  • Light capital weapons have lowered health, can be destroyed now
  • Light capital weapons available to refit capitals with at shipyards
  • CR90 is now modular
  • DP20 energy reworked, now modular
  • Fixed bad turret on DP70
  • DP70 rebalanced, energy reworked, now modular
  • Marauder energy reworked, now modular
  • Marauder now has half a hangar slot
  • Interceptor-IV rebalanced, energy reworked, now modular
  • IRD-A now takes up half a hangar slot
  • Spread bomb damage dropped to 5000
  • Fixed Dreadnaught being too maneuverable


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