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Merry Patchmas! | WDB #93

Happy Holidays, space people! As our gift to you, we’ve just released a patch that contains a number of bug fixes, fancy graphics updates, and quality of life additions. Details below!

Development Updates

It’s been about two months since our last game update, and in that time we’ve removed some bloat, fixed a number of issues and changed a few things to hopefully improve the overall quality of life for those of you plying the star lanes.

This is likely to be our last patch (aside from hotfixes), and possibly blog post, until the new year, so we’d also like to wish everyone happy holidays and thank everyone in the community, our players, and our fans, for their continued support. It just wouldn’t be any fun without you!

Now, on to the notes:

Patch 86

Kalis’s Log

  • Fixed DP20 Missile Arcs
  • Upgraded DP20 missile launchers
  • New engine effects: Liberator Destroyer/Carrier

FriendlyFire’s Log

  • Shortened landing vectors significantly.
    • For anyone that found planet landing vectors to be a chore, this should make your lives quite a bit easier.
  • Control surfaces render properly again and properly respect anisotropic filtering settings.
  • Added a new metal environment map.
    • Shinier, prettier things!
  • Attempting to dock with a docking ring prompts the player to land on the planet instead.
  • Altered engine rendering logic to better keep track of the player’s ship, hopefully resolving the mismatched engines bug.
  • Fixed crashes when firing lasers after docking and undocking if fire events were not disabled.
  • V-Sync should now work again.
  • Reworked bloom further, extending its range and impact.
  • Reduced shaking effect visible on other ships when close by.
    • Turned out pilot caffeine consumption was too high!
  • Removed hull damage effects when ship is low on health.
  • Streamlined HUD.
    • Certain superfluous elements were cut out. Overall the HUD looks much cleaner now. Everything you need, but nothing extra.
  • Major overhaul to asteroid far field, integrating better lighting, distribution, and general appearance; all asteroid fields have been converted.
  • Separated “Calculate jump” and “Calculate jump to target” to avoid mistakes.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to plot a jump to a mission waypoint.
  • Awesomium UI defers reloading after the game is tabbed back in to reduce the chances of crashing when alt-tabbing back in.
  • Adjusted and redesigned fire event appearance.
  • Redesigned soft particles to use more sensible and grounded values.
  • Fixed scaling issues with lighting and glass rendering.
  • Engines now cast light from the correct location.
  • Fixed planetary rings looking glowy after alt-tabbing.
  • Added clamping in a few places to prevent color buffer overflow.
  • Modified beam appearance so that the beams penetrate almost completely into the target before vanishing.
  • Fixed beam line lights.

Patch 87

  • Reverted changes to ship handling to prevent issues during hyperspace.

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