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Race To Capture The Sentinel! | WDB #92

Today we’re building a little hype for the in-game event being hosted this Sunday (at 1800 GMT) by RP/Lore moderator Joe (AlphaWolf215)!

Details and rules can be found in this post on the Freeworld’s Forums. There are no restrictions to joining in! If you’re not already in a faction, simply create a new character with the appropriate affiliation and head to the event’s coordinates.

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Special Report

Urgent reports from our affiliates in the Borleias system indicate that the Interdictor cruiser (Immobilizer-418) Sentinel, recently constructed at the Bilbringi Shipyard complex, has been seized by agents of the New Republic, but technical difficulties have left it stranded in Borleias while en route to New Republic territory. The situation in Borleias and the surrounding systems is now quite tense as both sides prepare operations to recover the craft.

Given the general volatility in the region over the past year, it can hardly be said that this event in itself is surprising. What is surprising, however, is having a chance to watch it unfold publicly. Both the New Republic and the Empire would prefer their operations to remain secret, but it would appear that the Sentinel unintenionally exited hyperspace in Borleias close enough to a news relay satellite to provide us with moment-to-moment information.

The Sentinel is a new vessel in the Imperial registry, constructed at the captured Bilbringi Shipyards over the last few months. As an interdiction vessel, its order was almost certainly built to bolster the Imperial fleet’s attempts to deter New Republic incursions into the Empire’s captured territory. The New Republic has yet to mount a full-scale counterattack since the losses of Fondor and Bilbringi but has seen some success with smaller-scale raids and patrols. The Sentinel’s interdiction capabilities would allow the Empire to prevent incursions by placing the vessel along likely routes of attack, pulling the New Republic vessels out of hyperspace prematurely, allowing the Empire to dictate the parameters of a battle, rather than be caught off guard.

Chatter from the Imperial camp seems to suggest they are hoping to recapture the vessel but will destroy it if safe recovery is unattainable.

Conversely, the Sentinel’s capture by the New Republic has the potential to be a serious victory for the galactic government. Firstly, the vessel is likely to be pressed into service with the New Republic Defense Forces. As with the Rebellion, the New Republic has a history of repurposing Imperial vessels for its own use. The addition of an Interdictor to the fleet would provide the New Republic with an increased ability to halt the advance of Imperial ships.

Secondly, the Sentinel is almost certainly carrying a treasure-trove of Imperial intelligence material, all of which would provide the New Republic a significant advantage in the coming days.

The pressure is now on both sides to quickly recover the craft before the other can. For their part, the New Republic agents aboard the vessel have shown no intent of abandoning or scuttling the vessel on their own. It’s a likely conclusion that they believe the New Republic relief will arrive before the Empire can mount a proper response.

This could not have come at a worse time for the Imperials stationed in Borleias. The vessel is far enough to the outskirts fo the system that short-range planetary defense fighters would run out of fuel far before reaching the vessel. Even if they did, they lack the weapons and manpower to retake the ship. Meanwhile, the Imperial fleet attached to Borleias is reportedly out in the field for exercises, and even the ships with the fastest hyperdrives are hours away at best.

New Republic vessels from Coruscant and other neighboring territories could arrive at Borleias within hours as well, setting the stage for what could be a bloody fight between the two sides.

For now, all remains quiet, but rest assured, we’ll be providing up to the minute details as the situation in Borleias continues.

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