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The War That’s Yet To Come | WDB #90

4fa07b91b846533db84d8fde0bf234a9In the many months since the Battle of Orinda, and the capture of Fondor and Bilbringi by the Empire, the myriad of galactic news outlets have been inundated with reports of skirmishes, raids, and other small scale battles in the region. Yet even with reinvigorated shipbuilding efforts on both sides of the conflict, the lack of fighting begs the question: Is the war over, or is the real fight yet to come?

The Empire’s push into New Republic territory stunned many that believed the Imperial Remnant was simply too disorganized and too war-weary to mount any sort of real offensive. Supreme Commander Pellaeon’s string of victories seem to suggest otherwise — yet the sudden lack of momentum from the Empire following those victories makes one question just how far the Empire is willing to go.

Perhaps the Imperial government is realizing just how difficult it is to maintain a galaxy spanning government and retain any real sense of control and order. If the studies are to be believed, their current tract of territory would allow for the Empire to be completely self-sustaining should they choose not to expand further. Given how pragmatic a leader Pellaeon seems to be, the logical conclusion is that he’s abandoned the Empire’s ambition of being galactic overlords in favor of securing the proper resources for his people. Why waste resources on a fruitless war, after all?

Meanwhile, the New Republic seems almost content to be on the defensive. Though their losses to the Empire were shocking, the actual loss of territory and industrial capacity for the New Republic was minor. Bilbringi and Fondor are simply not as important for the New Republic fleet as compared to longer-held shipyards like Mon Calamari, Sullust and Sluis Van. If anything, defending Fondor and Bilbringi forced the New Republic to spread too thinly, surely contributing to their quick collapse.

With a tighter defensive front, the New Republic is holding fast against further aggression in the region. Occasional skirmishes between New Republic and Imperial patrol units have occurred, and a handful of landings across the border have kept both sides on high alert. Still, losses have overall been minor, and no major hardware has been committed to the front since the earliest days of the conflict.

In the New Republic Senate, the subject of retaking the captured worlds is hotly debated. Though President Organa-Solo has sworn that the New Republic will liberate those planets from tyranny once more, many Senators point out that some of the planets in question remained quite loyal to the Empire even after its collapse. Orinda, in particular, has changed hands several times, and its people seem relatively unfazed.

To answer the initial question: Is the war over? Will the fighting continue? As much as the galaxy would breathe a collective sigh of relief if the Empire and the New Republic signed a peace treaty tomorrow, there is very little doubt that we’ve seen the end of hostilities.

The buildup of ships, troops, and equipment is telling enough. as is the language coming out of both camps. The New Republic is unwilling to give up its struggle to rid the galaxy of Imperial domination, to wipe out the sins of the past and begin anew. Likewise, the Empire, as it is now, seeks legitimacy, safety for its people, and order among the stars. Unlike the New Republic, the Empire’s goals seem to change personalities along with their current leadership, and Pellaeon is perhaps the most peaceful Imperial yet.

So what is this strange place we find ourselves in now? Pseudo-peace? An unofficial cease-fire? A lull? Hope for these, as the only alternative is a calm before the storm.

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