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Scripted Event Types | WDB #89

Source: Fantasy Flight Games

Source: Fantasy Flight Games

Today we’re looking at a handful of mission archetypes planned for use in our upcoming scripted events system.

Development Updates

A few months ago, we revealed our preliminary plans for the scripted events system. In short, the addition of game-world events is going to allow us to provide players with tangible in-game challenges, goals, and rewards, as well as give the development team a set of tools to better recreate and deliver authentic feeling Star Wars moments. If you feel like the universe is a bit too quiet, lacking acceptable ‘pew-pew-pew’ levels, or suffering from a distinct lack of flying wedge-shaped objects, scripted events are the answer.

Enough with the broad strokes. You want to know what kind of events you can take part in, right? Here we go:

Possible Event Types

Disclaimer: The following events have been deemed DOABLE by our coders. That means that what you read here is most likely achievable with the scripting language we’re using. However, these have yet to be tested, so do take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

  • Simple Mob
    1. Dialogue indicates a group of enemy ships massing in (X) location.
    2. Kill enemy ships. Dialogue indicates event completion.
    3. Collect reward.
  • Escort Mission
    1. Friendly NPC Ship (Shuttle/Freighter/Cap, etc) spawns in (X) location and is headed for a base/planet or whatever.
    2. Enemy ships spawn the given path, targeting friendly NPC ships. Player(s) must protect friendly NPC until it reaches designated destination.
    3. Collect reward for success. Rewards can scale depending on the amount of friendly ships involved and/or left alive at the end of the event.
  • Kill The Fighter Ace
    1. An elite enemy fighter group are harassing your comrades in (X) system/location.
    2. The game spawns in high difficulty NPC fighters including at least one with an extreme difficulty setting.
    3. Kill the enemy squadron to receive a significant reward.
  • Basic Chained Event
    1. Firstly, the event itself would only occur in a single location but would rely on players completing progressively more difficult portions of the event.
    2. For example, enemy spawns around a given friendly base.
      1. Players respond, kill the existing enemy.
      2. Dialogue indicates more difficult enemy incoming.
      3. Larger or tougher ships enter the area.
      4. Players respond, kill the new enemy.
      5. So on and so forth until the event is complete.
  • Retrieve The (Superweapon) Plans
    1. A freighter is carrying stolen sensitive data regarding a friendly (weapons) project.
    2. Freighter is trying to reach a specific exit point in the system and must be stopped before it reaches said (despawn/failure) point.
      1. Parameters could be changed to make this a capital ship mission sort of like the Devastator vs. Tantive IV from A New Hope. However, since we have no capture mechanics, the ship would have to be destroyed.
    3. Upon destruction, the plans may drop and the player can tractor these in.
    4. The event is complete upon successful delivery of the plans to a designated friendly outpost.
  • Armageddon Scenario
    1. Rogue asteroid spawns on a trajectory for (base/planet, etc).
    2. Players must destroy the asteroid before impact.
    3. If they fail…SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS (Read As: “We’re not sure yet.”).
    4. If they succeed, asteroid dumps lots of valuable materials.
  • Get Pizza To The Hutt (Or Basic Cargo Run)
    1. You must deliver foodstuffs to a Hutt base within a given timeframe! 30 Minutes or less!
    2. If you fail, he sends his cronies after you.
      1. Or the Basic Run
        1. Take Cargo X to Location within specified time.
        2. Collect reward.
  • (Secret Mission) Kill The Devs
    1. Enemy NPCs are named after members of the Development Team.
    2. Dialogue during the mission involves many expletives being shouted at players about balance issues and how we all need to treat one another with respect.
    3. Players win when they silence the devs.

It’s also worth noting that enemy ships won’t be limited to small craft like fighters, shuttles, and freighters. Capital ships may be included in all these scenarios alongside all other ship types. While we won’t be spawning huge fleets (because of performance issues), you can bet you’ll see small task forces appear as part of these events.

The scenarios are deliberately generic so they can fit the widest array of events possible. However, when they’re in the game each individual event will have its own factional or story context.

More complex events will hopefully include players from both factions fighting for different goals within the same event, though that is still a long way off.

We’d love to hear from our players and fans on what other sorts of events you’d like to see in the game! Feel free to use what you see here as templates for your ideas. Of course, not every idea will necessarily be usable in our model, but we’ll certainly take suggestions into consideration!

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