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Poll: Fixed vs. Movable Sights | WDB #88

30179f412ce0fded497f10c2f0363815This week we’re posing a very important question to our community: do you prefer the current movable guns, or would you like us to try implementing an X-Wing (the game) style fixed-sight? Please participate in the poll below!

Development Updates

It’s no secret that our design for the game draws heavily from the X-Wing series of simulator games from back in the 90s. For those of you that didn’t have the pleasure of playing them, these games blended the thrill of dogfighting in space with some of the challenges of a flight simulator. Compared to newer Star Wars flight action games like Rogue Squadron or Jedi Starfighter, the X-Wing series were a bit more complex and methodical than their more arcade-like successors.

One of the big differences between Freeworlds (and Freelancer) and the X-Wing series, is how weapons are handled. Freelancer, as we all know, allows fighter guns to be targeted at various angles, making fights a dizzying dance of passes where your ships don’t quite need to line up to hit one another.

X-Wing, on the other hand, gives your vessel a fixed sight with your weapons converging on a point ahead of the craft. Your reticle lights up when you have a clear shot. In the video below, you can see this system in action in the game X-Wing: Alliance.

We feel this is a more accurate representation of fighter combat in Star Wars. Yes, we do know that there have been depictions of fixed weapons having small movement capabilities (not meaning turrets) in the movies and other media, but since we can’t really do both, we would prefer to stick with one or the other.

In short, the development team is interested in trying to implement fixed sights on fighters. However, we won’t do it without support or input from the community, so we’re putting up a poll!

Would you prefer fixed gunsights on fighters, or do you prefer the current model?

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Please note: This will not affect capital ships.

We await your answers! Feel free to leave comments and questions about how this would work, or join the discussion on Discord (links below)!

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