President Organa-Solo Makes Inaugural Tour of New Republic

Leia Portrait

Newly elected President Leia Organa-Solo is taking her message of peace, hope and perseverance across the stars as she tours planets belonging to New Republic member-states.

Late last year, longtime New Republic leader Mon Mothma resigned from office, citing health reasons and a desire to pass the proverbial torch to a younger generation. We caught up with the former President at a press event, and she offered her perspective on the changing shape of the fledgling galactic government:

“Our long years of rebellion are finally coming to a close, and we must look to the future if we are to ever escape the horrors of this era. My best days were spent carving a path back to freedom, and now I leave the great task of rebuilding our society and culture to a new generation of leaders, whose sacrifices of body and soul have allowed the New Republic to finally put down roots. To them we owe a debt that can never be repaid. As for me, I think I’ll enjoy being an old lady. Fewer responsibilities, far more time to read and sleep.”

Overwhelming support from the New Republic Senate and staunch advocacy from Mon Mothma herself led Organa-Solo to an easy victory. The new president has said she will approach the office of President much as her predecessor did, with careful diplomacy and sensitivity where members are concerned, and a firm, decisive hand when it comes to matters of national defense.

The first stops on her tour will include visits to Bothawui, Duro, Sullust, Dac (including a tour of the Mon Calamari shipyards), and other major member-state systems. The President has also made clear her intentions to open membership talks with Corellia, which recently underwent a major political shift following the retreat of Imperial forces from the sector.

Reactions to Organa-Solo’s election have been positive throughout the galaxy, with many citing that her experience in politics and her status as a Hero of the Rebellion make her uniquely qualified for the office. Still, dissenters are wary over the revelations of her parentage.

Despite the fact that she was raised by the beloved Organa family, her biological father, Anakin Skywalker, went from heroic Jedi to Emperor Palpatine’s right-hand almost overnight. For this reason, at least, some believe a certain degree of volatility runs in her blood, and there is no doubt her political rivals and opposing galactic powers will be following her moves very carefully. But for now, a sense of hope prevails throughout the democratic galactic community.



  1. I look forward to my work during this tour… FOR THE EMPIRE!

  2. Reinhardt64

    Bah. None of the “New Republics” petty politics system will be remembered after the Empire retakes control of those rebel star systems. To battle!

  3. Daxel Sundiver

    The princess has always been a fair and honest leader as well as a fierce leader. She’s the obvious choice going forward.

  4. Hohoa'drots'vo

    Favor is with the Republic and her new ruler! Clan Svo is with them both!